Aircraft Kingpin Bolt, AN6-24A

Aircraft Kingpin Bolt, AN6-24A

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Stoked Promises

This aircraft kingpin bolt is 2.59" or 6.58 cm. It is compatible with the Don't Trip Poppy, Shrooms, Lucys, Euphorias, and Slalocybin Trucks.

Short Thread

The aircraft kingpin bolt has a shorter thread than standard kingpin bolts, which means less thread cutting into your bushings when carving and therefore, lengthening the life of your bushings.

Uses & Benefits

This bolt is often combined and used with longboards for LDP. These bolts are great for LDP because they last longer than the standard kingpin bolts. This bolt also has softer metal, which helps you to determine if the bolt is deforming and decreases the chance of the bolt snapping unexpectedly.


  • Length: 2.59" / 6.58 cm
  • Grade: Between 5-8
  • Special Features: Minimum Tensile Strength 125,000 psi
  • Note: Kingpin nut not included

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