Bones Big Balls Bearings
Bones Big Balls Bearings

Bones Big Balls Bearings

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The newest members of the Bones Reds Fam. 

BIG BALLS are engineered to roll faster and last longer by using 6, 17% larger balls, like Bones legendary Super Swiss 6 bearings.  These larger balls let you roll faster, and keep rolling right through dirt that slows smaller balls down.  This makes BIG BALLS a great choice for skaters looking for more speed and longer life in their bearings.

Skaters have made the Bones REDS family of bearings their #1 choice because of the consistent quality, speed, durability, and value.

Made in China and twice inspected for quality, the Bones are a fast and precise bearing at an awesome price point. 

If you choose to include spacers and speed rings, we will ship Bones Reds with Fireball Dragon Spacers and Speed Rings set. 

Model Differences:

  • Standard: This one is pretty self explanatory.
  • Super: Stronger shields and overall better build quality.
  • Race: Built-in spacers and speed rings, same shields as Supers
  • Swiss: Best build quality, lower tolerances, **Made in Switzerland, Not China**
  • Swiss Ceramics: Same as Swiss except it contains ceramic balls, which provide eons less friction than steel balls
  • Big Balls: 6-balls for higher top speed 

Bones Reds Big Balls Contents

Every pack of bearings comes with a pack of bearings (duh), a sticker, and bearing cleaning instructions so you can make your bearings last longer. Bearing shields are non-contact rubber and easily removable.


  • Axle Size (ID): 8mm
  • ABEC Rating: Skate Rated
  • Higher top speed  vs Standard Bones Reds
  • Greater strength vs Standard Bones Reds
  • Longer life vs Standard Bones Reds
  • Easy cleaning
  • Light weight

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