Buzzed Amish Precision Flat & Cupped Washers [2 Washers]

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The new Buzzed Amish Precision Flat Washers are the hottest item on the market. The machined sleeves add a much more precision feel to your trucks by reducing slop. Made from 303 stainless steel on a CNC lathe. 1″ recommended for barrel sized bushings. 1.1875″ recommended for Riptide FatCones and Chubbies.

Each pack comes with two (2) washers. This is different than most shops, including Buzzed. We do this to offer our customers further customization.

Sold as a PAIR. Buy qty 2 for every bushing on your skateboard. Buy qty 1 for just the roadside or boardside on your skateboard.


1" Washers

The 1" washer is designed to fit standard barrel bushings. Almost all trucks with stock barrel bushings can fit 1" Buzzed Amish washers. These trucks include, but are not limited to:
- Bear Barrels
- Bennett Barrels
- Caliber Barrels
- Gullwing Barrels
- Gunmetal Barrels
- Independent Barrels
- Paris Barrels
- PNL Barrels
- Randal Barrels
- Riptide Barrels
- Ronin Barrels
- Tracker Barrels
- Venom Barrels (Standard pack or DH pack)

1.1875″ Washers

The 1.1875" washer is designed to fit wider bushings. Aftermarket bushings are a must for most trucks when using the 1.1875" washers. These bushings include, but are not limited to:
- Riptide Fatcone
- Riptide Chubby
- Riptide Tall Fatcone
- Riptide Tall Chubby
- JimZ Bushings

If you have a question on fitment, please call us at 310-462-9991 or email us at and we'll find a washer perfect for your needs.