Buzzed ASSAPS Precision Bearing Spacers

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<p>So you got yourself some new fancy precision trucks, huh? Well all that precision is only going to go so far if your spacers aren’t precision! Why is it important to have precision spacers? This isn’t some marketing gimmick – the folks at Buzzed realize the important of precision spacers on precision and cast trucks and wanted to make sure you could get them for an affordable price!</p>
<h3>Crank em’ Down!</h3>
<p>As long as your trucks aren’t ancient or incredibly beat up, precision bearing spacers can make a world of difference. Most cheap, aluminum spacers aren’t very precise, often too small. Thus, when you tighten down your wheels, you might notice that if you crank too hard, your wheel won’t spin and you aren’t actually risking crushing the shields of your bearings! Precision bearing spacers eliminate this in almost all cases, especially with precision trucks. With a wheel that is properly tightened you are getting the most out your gear. No, they won’t make you go 20mph faster than regular spacers, but, in competitions and races, every second counts. These precisely made, stainless steel bearings could make you that extra second quicker. And sometimes that extra second can determine whether or not you make it to the podium.</p>
<p>Another thing worth mentioning is that the Buzzed ASAPS will last <i>way</i> longer than cheap aluminum spacers so over time, they will pay for themselves! Do yourself and your bearings a favor and pick up some Buzzed ASAPS Bearing Spacers today!</p>

<p>Buzzed ASAPS are 8mm x .405″ which is the standard for most wheels. Come in a set of 4, buy 1 for 1 complete skateboard.</p>