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Caliber II Longboard Trucks [PAIR]


About The Caliber II Longboard Truck

Welcome to the newest line of Caliber trucks! The Caliber II truck was designed for taking on some major speed while also keeping stability. The Caliber II is great for downhill, but can also hold its' own during hard carves. These trucks come stock with Blood Orange’s 89a durometer barrel bushings to help bypass rapid wobbles. Bushing seats offer a symmetrical position to maximize any form of busing setup. Furthermore, the baseplate has a pivot joint that fights side to side hanger play. This keeps the hanger tracking precisely in turns.

Inner/Outer Steps on Bushing Seat

The Caliber II has an innerstep with a higher contact area with the bushing creating more rebound and resulting in better responsiveness. The newly adjusted step diameter of 25.4mm gets rid of any and all bushing slop. For the outer step it has a 31.5mm diameter, making a no slop fit with larger bushing combinations.

Pivot with More Compact Tolerances and Renewed Chamfer

Caliber has expanded the pivot cup surface area connection with the baseplate by cutting down the pivot cup chamfer. By doing this, Caliber has created a more comfortable fit for the pivot pin and avoids side-to-side play when breaking in the pivot cup. Pivot smooth with Caliber IIs.

Circular Kingpin Hole with Restored Diameter

Caliber IIs offer a 17.4 mm kingpin hole to duplicate the specs of Caliber’s precision trucks. With a circular hole, skaters are given a dependable and consistent lean, while also leaving room for appropriate clearance to evade kingpin bite.

Increased Truck Strength

Caliber IIs have increased their trucks strength by 40% from an in house treatment at the producing facility. Caliber IIs can hit rails and pop fatties with more confidence than ever before.

Pressed-In Grade 8 Hex Head Kingpins

Caliber IIs have changed their style and switched to a pressed in kingpin. By doing so, they have created a more controlled and responsive truck with no slop in the kingpin section.

Reinforced Baseplate

Thicker baseplates means more strength. Caliber IIs have thicker plates to strengthen the trucks upon impact. Again, Caliber IIs provide more confidence than ever before with hard hitting tricks.

Thinner paints for tightened tolerances

Paint often time gets in the way of core components seating correctly. From bushings to bearings to kingpins, paint may make your truck look good, but too much isn't ideal for precision fits needed for top performance. Caliber IIs have super thin paint to eliminate throwing off the tolerance. This greatly increases the overall performance of the truck on the skateboard. Look good and still preform like a pro.

Bushing Seat Details

The bushing seats have been designed to be symmetrical for the most favorable structure of any style of bushing. The inner and outer steps make accommodating many bushing types effortless and precise.


  • Width: 44 degree: 184mm (10 inches) / 50 degree: 184mm (10 inches)
  • Bushing Type and Durometer: 44 and 50 degrees: Blood Orange Ultra-HR Bushings (89A)
  • Ride Height: 44 degree: 2.3125 inches (5.8738 cm) / 50 degree: 2.375 inches (6.0325 cm)
  • Axle Size: 8mm
  • Rake: No Rake
  • Baseplate Degree(s): 44 degrees / 50 degrees
  • Kingpin Style: Grade 8 Steel Reverse Kingpin
  • Special Features: Caliber heavily tests each and every product release to make sure it is the best of the best. The Caliber II is top notch and unmatched in terms of skate-ability and quality.
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Caliber II Longboard Trucks [PAIR]
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