Cast Rogue Longboard Trucks
Cast Rogue Longboard Trucks
Cast Rogue Longboard Trucks
Cast Rogue Longboard Trucks

Cast Rogue Longboard Trucks

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Stoked Promises

The Cast Version of the widely acclaimed Rogue Precision truck is designed to bring our unique features accessible to all riders. Built with the same geometry and design elements, the Cast trucks feel nearly identical to the precisions at a fraction of the cost.

Insert Bushing

The Insert bushing design allows the Rogue truck to completely do-away with a traditional bushing seat, without compromising slop of a traditional longboard truck. Insert bushings for Rogue Trucks remove lateral play from the truck and are designed to ensure the hangar pivots around the kingpin correctly, without slop. They allow for the truck to respond to less rider input, giving you a more direct turn than a conventional reverse kingpin truck. Using urethane as our insert gives your trucks and turn more responsive feel without the harsh ride or twitchy feel you may experience with sphericals.

Tall Bushings

Tall Bushings with an open bushing seat really give you the deep lean the rogue team has been looking for since day one. Now you can experience what they've been searching for.


  • Width10"
  • Axle Size: 8mm
  • Rake2mm
  • Baseplate Degree(s): 48°
  • Kingpin Style: Reverse Kingpin (RKP)
  • BushingsTall Height Bushings (Sangria)

*Sold in pairs. 1 Quantity is enough for one board.

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