Dragon Bearings for Longboards and Skateboards

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Dragon Bearings are from the minds of the skateboarders at Stoked and Fireball. They wanted a bearing to last long and have tried and tested bearing technology behind it. The result is Dragon Bearings. 

Dragon Bearings have two kinds of lubricants, RACE and ENDURE.

  • RACE is a light oil that allows the freest spinning bearing and the highest speed.
  • ENDURE uses a light grease that promotes bearing longevity. This more viscous lubricant fights washout when riding in water.

Skateboard bearings are always plagued with dirt and grime, so Dragons come standard with labyrinth seals to keep out unwanted particles. These seals keep lubricant in and dirt out, leading to a longer bearing life.

Beast Guarantee - All Fireball products also come with the standard Beast Guarantee which promises 25% off worn out or destroyed products. No questions asked.


  • Axle Size (ID): 8mm
  • ABEC Rating: Skate Rated
  • Lubrication: RACE (light oil) or ENDURE (light grease)
  • Comes with Spacers: No
  • Comes with Speed Rings: No
  • Special Features: Two lubricants allow for all types of riding styles.

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