Dragon CERAMIC Bearings 8 Pack
Dragon CERAMIC Bearings 8 Pack
Dragon CERAMIC Bearings 8 Pack
Dragon CERAMIC Bearings 8 Pack
Dragon CERAMIC Bearings 8 Pack
Dragon CERAMIC Bearings 8 Pack

Dragon CERAMIC Bearings 8 Pack

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Include Spacers and Speed Rings?:

Include Spacers and Speed Rings?

Stoked Promises

Fireball Dragon Bearings for Longboards and Skateboards

Bearing Overview

🟨  CERAMIC HYBRID BEARINGS - highest performing bearings on the market have been given an upgrade, with ceramic balls for a faster, smoother roll vs steel bearings
🔥  BUILT WITH RACE LUBRICANT - The superior grade Silicon Nitrate balls have our signature RACE oil applied for an ultra smooth and fast ride. Please note these high precision bearings require a short 'break in' period before optimal performance can be achieved
🔥  DUAL LABYRINTH SHIELDS - Unlike other brands, Dragons come standard with two Labyrinth shields for unparalleled protection from the elements and maximum lubrication retention
🔥  PREMIUM BUILD QUALITY - We sourced the ultimate Ceramic balls and high-grade steel races, and combined with Nylon ball cage (for reduced friction for a fluid roll) and Labyrinth seals (for improved longevity and lubrication retention). Install and forget - Dragons are designed to last
🔥  PRECISION FITMENT - Manufactured to our exact specifications, these 608 bearings measure 22mm (outer diameter) x 7mm (width) x 8mm (inner diameter/axle) and is designed for use in skateboards, longboards, inline skates, roller skates, rollerblades, electric skateboards and more

Hybrid Ceramic bearings, designed for life

Dragon CERAMIC Bearings are designed from the ground up for skateboarding and longboarding. Unlike most other bearings on the market Dragons' offer our signature Labyrinth shields to help prevent dirt and debris from getting inside the bearing, drastically improving overall performance and life of your bearings. We're so confident we offer a lifetime warranty on the entire range! 

Bearing Lubricant

These blazingly fast Hybrid Ceramic bearings are lubricated with our signature RACE oil formula to ensure that right out of the box you will have an unmatched, smooth, fast ride. We have tested these bearings at numerous races, slide jams, free ride sessions,downhill runs, park sessions, street sessions, cruising and dancing. The CERAMIC bearings have proven to perform at their peak, even months after installation.

Design Inspiration

We wanted to create a high end bearing at a fair price. Each bearing is double sealed with extremely tight non-contact labyrinth seals to prevent dirt and gunk from hindering performance.

Pro Tip

DRAGONS do not come with speed rings and spacers. Install spacers in between your bearings to reduce slop and improve the longevity of your bearings in all applications.


  • Axle Fitment: 8mm
  • ABEC Rating: None, designed specifically for action sport use
  • Measurement: 22mm (diameter) x 8mm (inner diameter) x 7mm (width)
  • Special Features: Ultra quick, smooth Silicone Nitride balls with signature RACE lubricants for unmatched bearing performance.

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