Element Yawye Banana Skateboard, Deck Only

Element Yawye Banana Skateboard, Deck Only

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Stoked Promises

You are what you eat. 

If sliding on a banana is the highlight of your skate style and coordination, this board is for you. This is for all the clutzes with awkward skating built into their soul. Slide on the banana and land that pogo stick body varial whatever you just accidentally pulled off with style.

  • Element Featherlight construction
  • Premium 7-ply maple construction
  • Thinner, stronger veneers creating lightness without compromising strength
  • Performance concave adding extra flick
  • Does not come with grip-tape
  • Note: The Banana Deck will have color variations from where the banana splits - each deck is unique and screened in house with color treated wood. Note that the colors will vary and that they do not reflect how the image looks online.

Designed for: 

Shredding the Streets | Ripping the Bowl | Killing Rails | Flying Through the Air | Technical Flatland Wizardry


  • Truck Mounting - Top Mount
  • Length - 31.25"
  • Width - 7.9"
  • Wheelbase - 14.125"
  • Tail - 6.5"

Construction: 7 Plies of Maple

Concave: Mild Radial

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