Fireball Scorch Longboard Wheels, 71mm

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The Fireball Scorch is the world's first flawlessly symmetrical freeride wheel. The original drive to create the Fireball brand stemmed from the desire to create a centerset freeride wheel unlike any the world has seen before. With two years of designing, prototyping, and shredding behind us, Scorch is here. The Fireball Scorch is a high speed free ride wheel designed for professional level longboard skateboarding. Ideal for downhill, cruising, freeride, and other longboarding styles.

Wheel Shape Explained

Centerset means some grip and an even wear pattern during slides. Wheels are symmetrical for easy rotating and smooth wear. 


  • Diameter: 71mm
  • Durometer: White 81a / Red 84a / Black 87a
  • Width: 55mm
  • Contact Patch Size: 48mm
  • Contact Patch Surface: Stone Ground
  • Lip Type: Rounded
  • Core Position: Centerset
  • Special Features: SlidePrepped (sand stone grind) around the edges of the wheel make it slide smooth from fresh to core.

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