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G-Form Pro Ankle Guard


Rooted in the pursuit of innovation for sporting safety gear, G-Form has become a frontrunner synonymous with marrying comfort and protection. When it comes to skateboarding, there offering is second to none. 

 The G-Form Pro Ankle Guard slips on to provide a sleek but impact-absorbing layer of protection to the ankle area. Their moisture-reducing materials ensure that the padding will remain in place for your ride. 

Whether dodging boards that hang up on the coping or jumping out of the way of runaway boards during a race, the G-Form Pro Ankle Guard has your back during those unavoidable mishaps. 

The Technology

G-Form Pads are are designed to fit like a glove, no matter which part of the body they cover. Behind these pads is G-Form's patented Rate-Dependent Material (RDM) technology, designed to minimize impact and decrease the chance of injury out in the streets. 

On the back end of this Rate-Dependent Material, a layer of molecules are encased in foam padding and designed to detract from one another. This gives G-Form pads their synonymous comfort and flex. At the same time, these molecules are designed to attract towards one another upon impact, creating a stable patch of security. Once the contact with the padding is sustained, the molecules return to their original state as you get ready for your next push. Then, after sweating your way through the session, you can throw any of your G-Form pads in the wash next to all those other dirt-stained clothes you probably should have washed yesterday. 

In full disclaimer, G-Form's impact absorbing masterpieces are meant for just that - cushioning your falls. They are NOT designed to withstand road rash-inducing crashes and should be expected to wear through if they skim across the pavement too much. If you find yourself getting in to these types of situations, we would strongly advise investing into some leather clothing to wear over these pads or using pads that come equipped with hard plastic covering. Otherwise, our selection of G-Form Pads are sure to be some of the most form fitting and secure options you will find out there. 

Multiple Impacts!

Unlike some pads that require a full replacement after multiple impacts, G-Form padding remains protective even after you take a couple of spills. Get up, brush yourself off and give it another go. 

Sizing Up Your Pads

For sizing, follow the chart below or take a gander at the sizing chart image at the top of the page.

IN 4'7" - 5'7”
5'8" - 6'3"
CM 140 - 170 170 - 190 
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G-Form Pro Ankle Guard
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