G-Form Pro-X Compression Shorts
G-Form Pro-X Compression Shorts
G-Form Pro-X Compression Shorts
G-Form Pro-X Compression Shorts

G-Form Pro-X Compression Shorts

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Stoked Promises

G-Form Pro-X Compression Shorts provide the ultimate in lower body protection to the hips, tailbone and thigh by maximizing both impact support flexibility. These shorts are designed to have a low profile feel around the hips and were developed have a "second skin" type of feel. The UPF 50+ fabric used in the shorts comes complete with moisture reducing technology to keep you dry and ensure comfort, no matter the terrain. 

The Technology

As with many G-Form products, the padding in the G-Form Pro-X Compression Shorts contains their patented Rate-Dependent Material (RDM) technology. Essentially, this technology keeps a layer of molecules within the padding soft when they are in motion. Then, when impact occurs, these molecules bond together to form a solid layer of protection when you need it most. Perfect for times of unexpected slip outs, the G-Form Pro-X Compression Shorts keep your lower body safe and secure while still allowing it to move freely. The plush elastic waistband atop these shorts keeps them in place and fitting like a glove.

Despite the awesome protective qualities that come with wearing the G-Form Pro-X Compression Shorts, they can still be expected to rip when skidding along a surface like asphalt too many time. For times like these, we would advise wearing these shorts under a leather suit or something that is designed to withstand that type of friction. 

Regardless, G-Form padding has earned a stellar reputation as an industry leader for providing protection for good reason. The G-Form Pro-X Compression Shorts are no exception to their offering. These shorts are lined with the trademark padding technology and flexibility that G-Form is known for paired with a comfort that needs to be tried to truly enjoy. 

Sizing Up Your Pads

For sizing, follow the chart below or take a gander at the sizing chart image at the top of the page.

SIZE CHART Small Medium Large Extra Large
IN 26 - 30 30 - 35 35 - 40 40 - 56
CM 66 - 76 76 - 89 89 - 101.5 101.5 - 117

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