G-Form Pro-X Elite Knee Pads

G-Form Pro-X Elite Knee Pads

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When it comes to innovation in the world of athletic safety equipment, G-Form comes out as number 1. Constantly improving and coming up with neater concepts, G-Form has developed pads that any skateboarder can appreciate.

G-Form’s Knee Pads are the slimmest, sleekest, most comfortable and most breathable knee pads that you will ever find! Not much thicker than a typical knee brace, G-Form Knee pads will help keep things more comfortable for you. When you are out skating, you might even forget that you are wearing them. The slim fit is ideal for whenever you are doing maneuvers that brings your legs close together. Examples of this would include; tucking, shortboard, freestyle, and “dancing” tricks, skogging and long distance pushing, etc. No more worries about your bulky knee pads bumping into each other and making things harder than they need to be!

The Technology

G-Form Pads are sleek and fit snug, yet are very comfortable. What sets them apart from the most is the technology that goes behind the making of these pads, keeping you safe and less prone to injuries from intense impacts. Using their patented Rate-Dependent Material (RDM), G-Form has created the most technologically advanced protective equipment in the world.

So what exactly does the Rate-Dependent Material consist of and what makes it so special? To put it most simply, the foam padding in G-Form pads is comprised of molecules that slightly repel off each other. This makes the material soft and flexible. However, upon impact, these molecules act as a team and group up, or huddle together almost instantly, and create a wall of protection that absorbs the impact. After the impact, the molecules return to their normal state and you are back with a form-fitting and comfortable piece of safety equipment, and hopefully you are back up on your feet and ready to skate some more or at least well enough to get up relatively unharmed! Even with all this technology, G-Form Pads are machine washable so you can throw them in the washer machine with the rest of your clothes, hassle free!

One thing worth mentioning… while these pads are awesome and will keep you protected, they are intended primarily for impact protection – elbow, knee, and tailbone slams and collisions. They are not intended for large amounts of abrasion and will eventually tear if you drag them across pavement. If you are going to be riding real low to the ground we either recommend wearing something (leather suit or clothes) over the pads or using pads with hard plastic claps (check out our 187 pads). With that being said, you’ll be hard pressed to find protective gear that is more protective, yet so sleek, than G-Form Pads.

Multiple Impacts!

The G-Form pad will protect you from repeated impacts – most bicycle helmets need to be replaced after one impact, but unlike those, G-Form technology will stay protective for every impact.

Sizing Up Your Pads

For sizing, follow the chart below or take a gander at the sizing chart image at the top of the page.

Thigh measurement should be taken at 6 inches above the kneecap while the calf measurements should be taken at the widest point of your calf.

SIZE CHART Extra Small Small Medium Large Extra Large
Thigh 14 - 15.5”
(35.5 – 39.5 cm)
15.5 – 16.5"
(39.5 – 42 cm)
16.5 – 17.5"
(42 – 44.5 cm)
17.5 – 18.5"
(44.5 – 47 cm)
18.5 – 20”
(47 -51 cm)
Calf 11 – 13”
(28 – 33 cm)
13 – 14”
(33 – 35.5 cm)
14 - 15”
(35.5 – 38 cm)
15 – 16”
(38 – 40.5 cm)
16 – 18”
(40.5 – 45.5 cm)

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