Independent Hollow Trucks, All Sizes [Single]
Independent Hollow Trucks, All Sizes [Single]
Independent Hollow Trucks, All Sizes [Single]

Independent Hollow Trucks, All Sizes [Single]

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Hollow Stage XI is 7% lighter than Standard Stage XI

Independent trucks come in a standard kingpin orientation, making them better suited for street style decks or slower speed setups. The traditional kingpin orientation allows for immediate turning, with little to no lean. The Independent's also feature a lower ride height than a standard reverse kingpin truck.

Traditional Kingpin Orientation

Anyone that has ever ridden a street board should be familiar with Independent trucks, or at the very least, traditional kingpin trucks. Traditional kingpin trucks serve an interesting role in the longboard community, as they are mostly used for slower speed setups. They offer very responsive

Hanger Width Conversion Chart

Use this chart to find the best millimeter match to your deck width in inches. Please note these are approximations as trucks vary slightly. 

Millimeters (approx.) Inches (approx.)
129mm 7.6 in
139mm 8.0 in
149mm 8.5 in
159mm 8.8 in
169mm 9.2 in
215mm 11.0 in


  • Width: 129mm, 139mm, 149mm, 159mm, 169mm, 215mm
  • Bushing Type and Durometer: 92a
  • Ride Height: 2.17" / 55mm
  • Axle Size: 8mm
  • Rake: No
  • Baseplate Degree(s): N/A
  • Kingpin Style: Traditional Kingpin (TKP)
  • Special Features: A great truck for those looking for pop and immediate turning!

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