Landyachtz Bear Space Ball Bearings, Steel ABEC 7, 8mm

Landyachtz Bear Space Ball Bearings, Steel ABEC 7, 8mm

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Landyachtz already manufactures wheels, boards, and trucks that help you pursue your desire for speed. Well, they also have you covered in the bearing department. With a durable housing, rubber shields, and a nylon cage, these bearings will roll smooth and keep you rolling for quite some time. Protective rubber shields will help keep dirt and water out so your bearings last longer. Landaychtz 8mm bearings are considered the standard size bearing in longboarding and will fit most trucks.

Built In Bearing Design

Changing out wheels can be a pain when there are speed rings and spacers to deal with. Landyachtz Space Balls solve this issue by integrating the spacer and speed rings right into the bearing itself. Skaters can now say goodbye to losing small parts when changing wheels out!

Rubber Shields for Easy Removal

When you buy bearings at such a low price, quality is not the first thing that comes to mind. However, quality is what you get with Landyachtz’s bearings. Landyachtz Bearings come with removable rubber shields. With your tool of choice, you can pry those shields out with no problem when cleaning time comes around.

Nylon Retainers

Not skimping on the ball retainers, Landyachtz Bearings use nylon as their material of choice. Higher quality and smoother than the plastic or metal used in lesser-quality beaings, nylon retainers will keep your ride smooth and fast.


  • Axle Size (ID): 8mm
  • ABEC Rating: ABEC 7
  • Comes with Spacers: No
  • Comes with Speed Rings:No


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