Landyachtz Drop Carve Longboard, Deck and Complete
Landyachtz Drop Carve Longboard, Deck and Complete
Landyachtz Drop Carve Longboard, Deck and Complete

Landyachtz Drop Carve Longboard, Deck and Complete

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Stoked Promises

For a freeride and freestyle setup, it doesn’t get much better than the Landyachtz Drop Carve. A wonderfully snappy flex, symmetrical kicktails, and a variable concave make the Drop Carve a no brainer if you are into doing tricks and/or slides. Even if you are mostly looking for a carving or commuter board, the Landyachtz Drop Carve makes an excellent choice. You simply cannot go wrong – this board will take your riding skills to the next level.

Drop Carve – Landyachtz Longboards

A Sensational Freestyle Setup

The Landyachtz Drop Carve is a pro at handling whatever tricks you want throw its way. With Fiberglass on the inner and outer layers and bamboo in between, this board has a real nice pop to it. You’ll appreciate this plentiful pop when landing early grabs, shuvits, pressure flips, all the fancy stuff. It's upturned, symmetrical tails makes locking in manuals so convenient, you won’t even have to think twice before you manual that entire parking lot.

Ride and Slide

Why not combo some of your freestyle tricks with some slides? With the Landyachtz Drop Carve, you can do just that. The Landyachtz Drop Carve features a unique variable concave, with less concave in the middle, more at the ends, right before the trucks. The Drop Carve also features a subtle W-concave throughout the board. Whether you’re strictly looking for some hard carves, sliding, or a mixture of both, The Drop Carve will make your feet feel right at home.


Another nice feature about the Drop Carve is that it makes for a great commuter board. The drop carve is great for skating to your friend’s place, classes, the grocery store, wherever. It’s relatively short wheelbase and length, drop through design, and responsive flex make this board fun when you are on the run.

37 or 40? Which to Choose…?

Choices, choices… There will be two main differences. The most obvious is the difference in length. 37 and 40 simply represents the length of the board. If you have a wider stance or want to do some cross-steps and other dance moves, you would appreciate the extra length in the Drop Carve 40.

If a wide stance isn’t your thing, and you want a board that is slightly more manageable for tricks, the Drop Carve 37 would be more appropriate. If you are taking your Drop Carve on commutes, the 37 will be slightly more portable.

Another main difference between the Drop Carve 37 and the Drop Carve 40 will be, well… the way they carve. The Drop Carve 37 has a shorter wheelbase which will make it turn a bit quicker. The 40 will be slightly less nimble, but will turn a bit wider, giving it slightly better carving characteristics.

At the end of the day, you can’t go wrong with either size. Both the 37 and 40 Drop Carves are great choices for freeriding, freestyle, carving, and commuting.

Comes Complete With:

  • Trucks: Bear 180mm 52° Grizzly Trucks
  • Wheels: Landyachtz 63mm Fatty Hawgs Wheels
  • Bearings: Bear Spaceballs Built-in Bearings


  • Length: Drop Carve 37: 36.9” / 93.73 cm | Drop Carve 40: 39.9” / 101.35 cm
  • Width: Drop Carve 37: 8.6" / 21.84 cm | Drop Carve 40: 9.6" / 23.62 cm
  • Wheelbase: Drop Carve 37: 23.9" / 60.71 cm | Drop Carve 40: 27.4" / 69.59 cm
  • Concave: Variable concave – less aggressive in the middle of the board. Slight W-concave throughout the board.
  • Nose / Tail: Yes / Yes
  • Rocker / Camber: No
  • Construction: Bamboo sandwiched by two layers of fiberglass
  • Special Features: A superb construction with just the right amount of flex brings this board to life the second you step on it.

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