Landyachtz Rally Cat Complete, Kimono
Landyachtz Rally Cat Complete, Kimono
Landyachtz Rally Cat Complete, Kimono
Landyachtz Rally Cat Complete, Kimono

Landyachtz Rally Cat Complete, Kimono

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Stoked Promises

Twice the kicks but all the same flare, the Rally Cat has been overhauled to include a more functional nose and slightly tighter packaging for added agility and performance in tight, sketchy situations. The flares keep your feet super locked when skating faster and sliding, while the aggressive rocker gives you a nice comfortable, low platform for pushing and carving.

The Rally Cat is the real Swiss Army knife of the Landyachtz 2021 lineup, coming in at 34.7″ long and 8.9″ wide. This board can truly do it all, from freeriding to street spots, or just cruising to the store in comfort. Extremely aggressive rocker, combined with the well-placed wheel flares, keeps you locked in and confident in any situation. The shape has been modified for 2020 to add a more defined kick in the nose for added capability skating street spots or skateparks. The Rally Cat is made with 7 plies of Canadian maple for a light, stiff and poppy ride. We set this board up with Polar Bear 130mm trucks to give it the combination of agility and stability that it needed and finished it off with a set of 63mm 78a Fatty Hawgs wheels to keep the board nice and light while still giving a fast, smooth ride.


  1. 100% Canadian Maple
  2. Kicktail
  3. Medium Concave
  4. Fender Wheel Wells


This Complete Comes Built With...

  • Trucks: Polar Bear 155mm Trucks 
  • Wheels: Landyachtz Hawgs, 63mm EZ HAWGS
  • Bearings: Landyachtz Bearings
  • Bushings: Standard Polar Bear Bushings
  • Risers: 1/4" Hard Risers
  • Hardware: Landyachtz Hardware
  • Grip Tape: Landyachtz Grip Tape.Various models offer either foam, clear, or standard grip tape. Please see image. 


  • Length: 34.7"
  • Width: 8.9"
  • Wheelbase: 18.2"
  • Concave: Medium
  • Nose / Tail: Yes / Yes
  • Rocker / Camber: Rocker
  • Construction: Maple
  • Special Features: A wide selection of graphics with various styles of grip tape. Various graphics offer different grip tape styles including regular, foam, and clear grip.

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