Landyachtz Tracer Hawgs Wheels, 67mm
Landyachtz Tracer Hawgs Wheels, 67mm

Landyachtz Tracer Hawgs Wheels, 67mm

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Stoked Promises

Defecate Urethane

Did you know it was possible to poop urethane? Well it's not, but these wheels are pretty darn close. Hawgs Tracers are quite possibly the most thaney wheels EVER made. They slide ridiculously far and ridiculously easy.

If you're going to a slide jam really soon, pick up a set of these, they'll hands down (make sure you don't do that at the slide jam) make you stand out. Don't expect them to last long at all, so take advantage of the time you have with them.

Landyachtz Hawgs Tracer Slide

For your comfort, these wheels are extremely forgiving and are amazing for showing off what you got. If you're not comfortable throwing standups super fast normally, these will help you do that.

Designed for: 
Freeride | Freeride | Freeride | Sliding Far | Freeride | POOPING THANE


    • Diameter: 67mm
    • Width: 40mm
    • Contact Patch: 30mm
    • Durometer: 78a
    • Lip Profile: Rounded
    • Core Placement: Centerset
    • Contact Patch Surface: Stoneground

    Comes in 6 Colors:

    Yellow | Pink | Orange | Purple | Blue | Green

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