Litezpeed Price Point Trucks, 5.25" [Pair]

Litezpeed Price Point Trucks, 5.25" [Pair]

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Stoked Promises

The Litezpeed TKP trucks are a great way to start or get back on your grinding journey!

These dark green Litezpeed trucks combine high performance strength, stability, and smooth turning in a lightweight design with premium alloys, high-rebound bushings, and precision steel axles.

Precision 8mm axles are ready for jumping stair sets. You won’t have to worry about bending an axle or snapping a kingpin with these trucks because they are assembled from the finest quality parts.

The quality aluminum alloy hangers will take on their grinding responsibility. As a result, with the featured heavy-duty yet lightweight aluminum, you can count on these trucks being both light and strong.

To top it off, these trucks come standard with ultra high-rebound urethane bushings to provide you with a smooth, precise control at all times while riding.

Traditional Kingpin Orientation

Anyone that has ever ridden a street board should be familiar with Independent trucks, or at the very least, traditional kingpin trucks. Traditional kingpin trucks serve an interesting role in the longboard community, as they are mostly used for slower speed setups. They offer very responsive


  • Width: 5.25" / 133mm
  • Bushing Type and DurometerUltra-high Rebound
  • Ride Height: 2.47" / 62mm
  • Axle Size: 8mm
  • Rake: No
  • Baseplate Degree(s): N/A
  • Kingpin Style: Traditional Kingpin (TKP)
  • Special Features: A great truck for those looking for decent starter trucks

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