Moonshine Firewater Longboard Skateboard, Deck and Complete
Moonshine Firewater Longboard Skateboard, Deck and Complete
Moonshine Firewater Longboard Skateboard, Deck and Complete

Moonshine Firewater Longboard Skateboard, Deck and Complete

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About Moonshine Firewater Longboard Complete

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Moonshine Firewater is a double kick that can do it all. Incredibly lightweight, it is designed to be ultra versatile in every skate environment. Like all Moonshine boards, the Firewater features urethane rails (60D durometer) for insane impact protection. No matter what the session, the Firewater will put out a good time.

Firewater in Action

Firewater Profile

Wheel flares blend into the concave of the Firewater beautifully, giving the deck an exceptional all around feel. It is just as at home in the parks and on the slopes. The layout of the deck can also comfortably accommodate reverse kingpin (recommended) or traditional kingpin.

About Moonshine Skateboards

100% Waterproof

The bamboo urethane fiberglass build of the Firewater keeps everything water sensitive safely sealed within the structure. Say goodbye to water damage and hello to sweet, slidey rain sessions. It kinda gives new meaning to pool sessions.

Urethane Rails and Mounts

Urethane is great for a lot of things, most of all skateboard wheels. But Moonshine has found a new awesome use for urethane in the rails of their decks. This keeps the bamboo inside completely water proof, while also providing bumpers around the outside of the deck for those inevitable crashes.

Moonshine also puts urethane in the mounting holes of the decks. This gives riders the ability to have some slight vibration dampening without the need for a shock pad. All the wheelbases have this feature, so riders are good to go no matter what wheelbase choice. Afraid it will be too soft to support the trucks? Don't worry, all the urethane is 60D, which is much harder than skateboard wheels and bushings.

Laser Cut Roam Grip Tape

Roam is Jessup's brand of coarse grip. Not quite as insane as other brands out there, it's a perfect blend of maneuverability with the ability to remain static. Moonshine laser cuts in their logo for extra steeze points. It simply looks rad as hello.

Laser cutting grip isn't something new from skateboarding companies, but doing so with a name brand like Jessup Roam is pretty rad. Since Moonshine is all building all in house, they can make the decks however they please.

Complete With:

  • Arsenal Trucks - 50° | 180mm | Silver
  • White Lightning Drift Wheels - 62mm | 82a | Color May Vary
  • Abec 5 Bearings


  • Length: 36" | 91.5 cm
  • Width: 9.625" | 24.5 cm
  • Wheelbase: 18" - 19" | 46 cm - 48 cm
  • Concave: Radial
  • Nose / Tail: Yes / Yes
  • Rocker / Camber: No, flat platform
  • Construction: Vertically laminated bamboo surrounded with polyurethane, all sandwiched by fiberglass.
  • Grip Tape: Yes, Jessup Roam coarse, comes laser cut with "xXx"
  • Special Features: Urethane rails makes the Firewater water proof and also resistant against even the toughest crashes.

Laser cut Moonshine Griptape from Jessup Roam.

Rain or shine. Dry or submerged. Moonshine is shred ready.

Wheel flares on a double kick lock in feet during slides and freeride.

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