Orangatang Moronga Longboard Wheels, 72.5mm

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Oh jeez, these things are frigging Steeze McGeeze. Orangatang Morongas are made to freeride and glee-ride and they do it darn well. With a narrow contact patch and plump, rounded lips, poured in Oragantang's signature Euphorathane, you'll be able to bust the fattest slides out of your entire crew without the worry of flatspotting (I still wouldn't recommend 90 blasting them). Burnt on skating? Get on these things and change the game up.

For your comfort, these wheels come in 3 durometers so you can choose how you like your board to ride. Go softer for more dampening and harder for more skids.

Designed for: 
Light Downhill | Freeride | Fast Freeride | Cruising


    • Diameter: 72.5mm
    • Width: 44mm
    • Contact Patch: 35mm
    • Durometer: 80a | 83a | 86a 
    • Lip Profile: Rounded
    • Core Placement: Centerset
    • Contact Patch Surface: Stoneground

    Comes in 3 Colors:

    80a - Orange | 83a - Purple | 86 - Yellow