Orangatang Skiff Longboard Skateboard Wheels, 62mm

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Float On

Who says you have your longboard and street skate it too? The Orangatang Skiff is for everyone who wants to shred everything in their way. Got a hill you have to bomb to get down to the skatepark? Done. These babies are super easy to slide and straight up float across the pavement.

You can slap these wheels on any board you want, whether it be your big ol' top mount, or your street deck. They're super comfortable to cruise on, because of the low durometer, but are light enough that you can ollie ridiculously high with ease.

For your comfort, these wheels come in three soft durometers to reduce road vibration caused by the size and shape of the wheels.

Designed for: 
Freeride | Fast Freeride | Putting | Technical Sliding | Showing Off | Getting Gud


    • Diameter: 62mm
    • Width: 35mm
    • Contact Patch: 25mm
    • Durometer: 80a | 83a | 86a
    • Lip Profile: Rounded
    • Core Placement: Totally Centerset Bro
    • Contact Patch Surface: Ground by a Stone

    Comes in 3 Colors:

    80a - Orange | 83a - Purple | 86a - Yellow