Orangatang The Kilmer Longboard Wheels, 69mm
Orangatang The Kilmer Longboard Wheels, 69mm
Orangatang The Kilmer Longboard Wheels, 69mm
Orangatang The Kilmer Longboard Wheels, 69mm

Orangatang The Kilmer Longboard Wheels, 69mm

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About Orangatang The Kilmer, Centerset Freeride, 69mm Longboard Wheels

Orangatang Centerset Wheels

The Kilmer is one of Orangatang's centerset freeride wheel contributions to the longboard scene. Featuring a centerset bearing seat and big rounded lips, this wheel is meant to go sideways over and over again. With urethane perfectly formulated for a harmonious combination of grip and slip, The Kilmer enables you to have great control. With 39.5mm of stone ground contact patch, these wheels are ready and willing to slide right out of the box.

Peachy Thane

Orangatang's proprietary Peachy Thane was developed for a perfect balance of smooth drifts and long lasting durability. Grippier than Orangatang Moronga's Euphorethane, but slidier than the Happy Thane used in most of their wheels. This Peachy Thane is made for speed control, long slides, and a smooth ride.

Wheel Shape Explained

The Kilmer features a centerset bearing seat and symmetrical rounded lips, enabling optimal wear patterns by way of flipping and rotating the wheels as you use them. Rounded lips help with letting the wheel break out of grip and into a slide. Its wide contact patch and large diameter make this a fairly wide freeride wheel, putting it on the grippier side of the freeride spectrum.

Coming in at 69mm, its the happy medium with Orangatang's new centerset wheels. Wheelbite isn't a worry, great overall speed, and swift acceleration.

Picking a Duro

Coming in at three different durometers, the 80a, 83a, and 86a, there are plenty of options to pick from. If you're looking for a better top speed and less grip, go with 86a(Yellow). Want a smoother slide and better control? Go for 80a(Orange). And anything in between... stick with 83a(Purple).


  • Diameter: 69mm
  • Durometer: 80a(Orange) | 83a(purple) | 86a(yellow)
  • Width: 48mm
  • Contact Patch Size: 39.5mm
  • Contact Patch Surface: Stone Ground
  • Lip Type: Round
  • Core Position: Centerset

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