Oust Skateboard Bearings, MOC 5 Tech

Oust Skateboard Bearings, MOC 5 Tech

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One of our shop favorites, the Oust MOC 5 Tech Bearing was designed from the ground up by Torrance, CA bearing manufacture Oust, Inc. The MOC 5 Tech was constructed and tested for hardcore technical skateboarding and longboarding applications. Skateboarding takes a huge toll on bearings and Oust designed the MOC 5 Tech to handle even the roughest ollies, grinds, and tricks of technical skating.

Dual Rubber Shields

The Oust MOC 5 Tech utilizes two removable rubber shields for ease in cleaning and maintenance. The shields are non-contact and enclose both sides of the bearing for complete protective coverage from outside debris.

High Strength Carbon Steel Cage

A super strong carbon steel ball cage is used to hold the precision steel ball bearings in place. The cage keeps the bearings inline and spinning freely, even after thousands of hours of skateboarding abuse. The higher end MOC 7 Speed Bearing from Oust is built in the same way as the MOC 5 Tech and Street. See below for reasons to get the MOC 7. As a rider, rest assured that everything from Oust is of top quality.

Differences in the Oust Bearing Line

We're commonly asked what are the differences between the four bearing types in the Oust line up. For your knowledge, please reference the information below to make sure you're getting the bearing that is perfect for you.

  • Oust MOC 5 Street - Steel Shields, Steel Cage
  • Oust MOC 5 Tech - Rubber Shields, Steel Cage
  • Oust MOC 7 Speed - Rubber Shields, Nylon Cage, Buna Non-Contact Seal set into a U-channel (similar to Labyrinth shields)
  • Oust MOC 9 Airrr - Rubber Shields, Nylon Cage, Added Precision in Construction, Buna Non-Contact Seal set into a U-channel (similar to Labyrinth shields)


    • Axle Size (ID): 8mm
    • ABEC Rating: Skate Rated
    • Comes with Spacers: No
    • Comes with Speed Rings: No
    • Special Features: Rubber shields differentiate the Moc 5 Tech from the steel shielded Moc 5 Street.

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