Powell Golden Dragon Flying Dragon 2 Complete (Blemish)

Powell Golden Dragon Flying Dragon 2 Complete (Blemish)

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Stoked Promises

Dungeons and Dragons and Skateboards

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Grade A = New with a few blemishes about the size of a quarter and/or sticker applied that might be removable. 

Grade B = New or lightly used with some larger blemishes up to the size of 4" square and/or sticker(s) applied that might be removable. 

Grade C = Used with blemishes typical of a ridden board (scuffed tail, dirty wheels, grip wear, etc).

Okay theres not really any dungeons or actual dragons here. But if you're sill new to this whole "skateboarding" thing, it can be just as frightening. If you're eager to learn but not totally sure how to take your first step, fear not. One of skateboarding's foremost board builders, Powell Peralta, has you covered with the Flying Dragon 2 complete. 

Instead of worrying about how to find the right trucks, wheels, bearings and hardware to hit the streets with, the pros already have it taken care of. This board comes ready for you to start pushing on a 7.625" wide deck and set of the earlier mentioned components that have been meticulously tested and rider approved.  

Designed for:
Street | Park | Entering the Cool Kids Club 


    • Truck Mounting - Top Mount
    • Length - 31.625"
    • Width - 7.625"
    • Wheelbase - 13.75"
    • Wheels - 54mm/90a

    Construction: 7 Plies of Maple

    Concave: K12

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