Powell-Peralta Andy Anderson Hydrant Vajra Maple Skateboard Deck, Shape 302, 8.4"

Powell-Peralta Andy Anderson Hydrant Vajra Maple Skateboard Deck, Shape 302, 8.4"

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Stoked Promises

The Evolution of Skateboards by Andy Anderson

Completely Symmetrical

The new 302 Shape is twin tip, which means the board can last twice as long since you do not have a dedicated tail to wear out. Skate your board whichever way you landed from your last trick. it's never backwards. 

New "Fold" Tail Design

The widest point of the 302 Shape is like the 289 and 290 shapes, up near the truck mounts. Wide where you land your tricks and skinny in the middle for trick set up.

Tail dimple "folds" over for easier flip tricks. 

Squared out nose and tail improves pop stability. 

Flight Construction

The Powell-Peralta Flight deck is a step into the future of skateboarding. These decks are on another level for their construction.

The Flights are pressed with 2 plies of fiberglass, and infused with epoxy to increase durability, reduce weight, make you pop high and make your pop last longer. Fun Fact: These are as thin as the current iPhone. 

Improvements from the standard skateboard:

  • 25% - Thinner
  • 200% - Stronger
  • 10% - Lighter
  • 10% - Higher Rebound for Pop
  • 10x - Longer Lasting Pop

Designed for:
Park | Bowls | Street | Hucking Yourself Down Impossible Gaps | Technical Wizardry


  • Length: 32.5" / 82.6 cm
  • Width: 8.4" / 22.4 cm
  • Wheelbase: 14.25" / 36.2 cm
  • Concave: Yes
  • Nose / Tail: Yes / Yes
  • Rocker / Camber: No
  • Construction: Maple / Fiberglass (Powell Flight construction)
  • Grip Tape: Optional - 10.5" Teal Andy Anderson Grip Sheet
  • Special Features: Designed and perfected by Andy Anderson.

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