Powell-Peralta Bomber III Skateboard Wheels, 60mm 85a

Powell-Peralta Bomber III Skateboard Wheels, 60mm 85a

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Stoked Promises

It's Not Just Nuge's War, It's Yours Too

Did you just watch Nuge's My War? Feeling that it's time to bomb a hill but don't like longboards? Well, we got you covered. The Bomber III's are wheels made specifically for bombing, powerslides, and cruising on a standard skateboard.

These wheels are poured in Powell-Peralta's legendary Soft Slide Formula to make sure that your ride is extremely smooth and makes crazy powerslides easy, without the hard ride or hookup.

For your comfort, these wheels make your ride as smooth as possible, meanwhile allowing you go friggin' fast without the fear of hitting cracks and rocks.

Designed for: 
Shredding the Park | Ripping Some Bowls | Flatground Wizardry | Cruising | Mobbing Some Hills | Powerful Powerslides


    • Diameter: 60mm
    • Width: 40mm
    • Durometer: 85a
    • Contact Patch Surface: Smoooooooooth

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