Powell Peralta Bones Brigade Ripper Pilot Sticker

Powell Peralta Bones Brigade Ripper Pilot Sticker

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Stoked Promises

High quality vinyl Bones Brigade sticker. 

The Bones Brigade was a professional skateboarding team founded by George Powell and Stacy Peralta in 1978. The team consisted of some of the most talented and influential skateboarders of all time, including Tony Hawk, Steve Caballero, Rodney Mullen, Lance Mountain, Tommy Guerrero, and Mike McGill.

The Bones Brigade helped to popularize skateboarding in the 1980s, and they are credited with revolutionizing the sport. They were known for their innovative tricks and their technical skateboarding skills. The Bones Brigade also helped to launch the careers of many other successful skateboarders, including Christian Hosoi, Ray Barbee, and Mike Vallely.

The Bones Brigade disbanded in 1991, but they remain one of the most iconic and influential skateboarding teams of all time. Their legacy continues to inspire skaters of all ages.

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