Powell-Peralta Oval Dragon Skateboard Wheels, 56mm 90a

Powell-Peralta Oval Dragon Skateboard Wheels, 56mm 90a

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Stoked Promises

The Soft Wheel for Hard-Wheelers

The Powell-Peralta Oval Dragons are super OG. They've been around for quite a long time now and have obviously held their place in the soft wheel game. These come in 90a, which is just hard enough to help you shred street, bowls, and park without gripping up.

Usually wheels made for technical styles of skating are pretty harsh when it comes to cruising and other things of the sort, although, the 90a durometer allows you to hit bumps and cracks without the fear of eating it.

For your comfort, these wheels are just soft enough to cushion your impacts and smoothen out your ride, while still allowing you to shred anything in your path.

Designed for: 
Shredding the Park | Ripping Some Bowls | Flatground Wizardry | Cruising | Mobbing Some Hills


    • Diameter: 56mm
    • Width: 32mm
    • Durometer: 90a
    • Contact Patch Surface: Smoooooooooth

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