Randal Longboard Truck [All Types]
Randal Longboard Truck [All Types]
Randal Longboard Truck [All Types]
Randal Longboard Truck [All Types]
Randal Longboard Truck [All Types]
Randal Longboard Truck [All Types]
Randal Longboard Truck [All Types]
Randal Longboard Truck [All Types]
Randal Longboard Truck [All Types]

Randal Longboard Truck [All Types]

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Baseplate Degree:

Baseplate Degree



Stoked Promises

Dedication Meets Variation

No other brand in longboarding has been more historically successful than Randal. Randal has been making trucks since 1978 and are still going strong! Proudly made in the U.S.A, Randal trucks are strong, high-quality, and are offered in various hanger lengths and many different baseplate angles.

Randal Trucks - Freeriding with Lyons

Quality + Variety

Randal has been dedicated to making quality trucks for some time now. Not only do you get quality, but you get variety. With all the interchangeable baseplates and hangers out there, the uses for randal trucks are endless. Downhill, freeride, freestyle, skateparks, super giant slalom, ditches, long-distance, pumping, carving and commuting – Randal has your back.

Randal R3 180mm Longboard Truck

Their 180mm trucks are excellent for downhill, freeride, dancing, and other setups where wider trucks are necessary or preferred. Their 150mm are great for long distance pumping boards, carving and commuting rigs, and more technical downhill riding. The 125mm are great when you want something for quick turning, such as a mini board. The 125s are not as stable as the 180mm, but that’s not to say they can’t be used for downhill riding. Some top racers prefer smaller trucks for technical downhill races.

Randal R3 180mm Longboard Truck Close Up

As mentioned, Randal makes a ton of different baseplates. Higher degrees make your truck turn quicker, but lean less and will have quicker return-to-center while lower degree baseplates will be the opposite – less turn, but will lean more/longer. Lower degrees are more stable as well. With all the baseplates to choose from, Randals can be used for nearly any longboard discipline. The wide variety of baseplates also limits the need for wedged risers which can sometimes add unnecessary height to your setup. Randal baseplates are so good that they are even compatible with other hangers such as Paris!

Flipping Hangers, Bushing Setups, and So Much More!

Randal was the first truck capable of flipping the hanger. In it's “natural” state, the Randal R-IIs have positive rake; flipping the hanger gives it what is called negative rake. In short, positive rake will make a truck turn more and be more lively, while a negative rake will be more stable and won’t turn as much.

Like many other trucks out there, eliminator style bushings can pose issues. With the Randal truck however, this is easily fixed. If you are using an eliminator as the bottom bushing, just stick an extra flat washer on the bottom to make up for shortness of the eliminator bushing and you should be good to go!

Randal R3 180mm Longboard Truck Rear View

Oh and yes, Randal trucks actually make great bottle openers for old school soda bottles and adult beverages for those 21 and up.

Hanger Sizing

  • 125 and 150mm Hangers = Randal RII
  • 160 Hangers = Randal DH
  • 180 Hangers = Randal RIII


  • Width: 125mm / 150mm / 160mm / 180mm
  • Bushing Type and Durometer: 91a Kush bushings
  • Ride Height: It will vary depending on the baseplate angle used and whether the hanger is flipped. An unflipped, 180mm hanger at 50° will be 2.55”, while at 42°, the height will be 2.3”
  • Axle Size: 8mm
  • Rake: Yes, 3°
  • Baseplate Degree(s): Varies
  • Kingpin Style: Reverse Kingpin (RKP)
  • Special Features: Rich in history and strong in character, Randal trucks have been pivotal in the evolution and expansion of longboarding.

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