Randal Longboard Truck Hanger [All Types]
Randal Longboard Truck Hanger [All Types]

Randal Longboard Truck Hanger [All Types]

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Whether your hangers are getting old, or you are just looking to change things up and need a different size, Stoked sells Randal R-II hangers in four different sizes: 125mm, 150mm, 160mm, and 180mm. Randal Trucks are proudly made in the good ol’ USA and are great for nearly every style of riding. Randal hangers are made of top-grade aluminum and equipped with grade-8 steel, 8mm axles. Each hanger is enough for one truck and includes four speed rings and two axle nuts. With a relatively open bushing seat, Randal hangers will accommodate pretty much any bushing style. All R-II hangers can be flipped for less turn and added stability.

Randal Trucks - Brazilian Downhill Skateboarding

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

Randal has been dedicated to making quality trucks for some time now, but not only do you get quality, you get variety. With all the interchangeable baseplates and hangers out there, the uses for Randal trucks are endless. Downhill, freeride, freestyle, skateparks, super giant slalom, ditches, long-distance, pumping, carving and commuting – Randal has your back.

Their 180mm hangers are excellent for downhill, freeride, dancing, and other setups where wider trucks are necessary or preferred. Their 150mm hangers are great for long distance pumping boards, carving and commuting rigs, and more technical downhill riding. The 125mm hangers are great when you want something for quick turning, such as a mini board. The 125s are not as stable as the 180mm, but that’s not to say they can’t be used for downhill riding. Some top racers prefer smaller trucks for technical downhill races. The baseplate angle will also play a huge role in how your trucks turn and perform.

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