Remember PeeWee Wheels, 62mm
Remember PeeWee Wheels, 62mm

Remember PeeWee Wheels, 62mm

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Stoked Promises

Don't Forget About the PeeWee

The PeeWee might be one of the smallest wheels in the Remember Collective lineup but that doesn't mean they don't still pack a punch. In fact, their compact size makes them a versatile options across a range of different setups from double drops to street decks. 

For the city slickers out there, you can feel comfortable in the PeeWee's ability to hop up on ledges and across rails without sticking. At the same time, the freeride junkies out there can still delight in the benefits that the high-rebound urethane formula in these guys brings to the table. Hint, hint: We're talking about huge slides in any direction you want to take them. Throw a noseblunt, switch toe or some spins on the PeeWees and you'll see what we mean. 


For your comfort, these wheels have an iconic and predictable wear pattern ideal for any freeride and slide maneuvers you could look to pull out. 

Designed for: 
Freeride | Cruising | Shaking Off The Haterz


    • Diameter: 62mm
    • Width: 38.5mm
    • Contact Patch: 22mm
    • Durometer: 82a
    • Lip Profile: Rounded
    • Core Placement: Centerset
    • Wheel Surface: Stone Ground

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