Remember Savannah Slamma' Wheels, 70mm
Remember Savannah Slamma' Wheels, 70mm
Remember Savannah Slamma' Wheels, 70mm

Remember Savannah Slamma' Wheels, 70mm

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Stoked Promises

Slamma Jamma!

Contrary to what you may be thinking, these wheels are NOT actually dedigned to make you slam. Instead, this 70mm option from Remember Collective are some of the most popular in the Freeride circuit. As a skin-on wheel, these things are go as soon as you rip em out of the box and are sure to give you a comfortable ride, filled with grippy turns and great overall downhill control. 

The awesome part about the Savannah Slamma's are that once the skins on these things wear off, they make for a great set of freeride wheels. With a distinct square lip profile, they remain reliable at breakneck speeds and their blend of high rebound urethane ensures that they will slide just fine when you want them to. Whether youre out to impress your friends, prove your teammates wrong, or just have that fire within to get down the mountain at a new personal best, the Savannah Slammas are the way to go.


For your comfort, these wheels have a grippy, skin-on contact patch that provides the perfect base for all of your sliding and carving needs.

Designed for: 
Downhill | Freeride | Cruising | Rising Above Those Who Doubt You


    • Diameter: 70mm
    • Width: 51mm
    • Contact Patch: 47.5mm
    • Durometer: 78a | 80a
    • Lip Profile: Square
    • Core Placement: Offset
    • Wheel Surface: Smooth

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