Riptide Pivot Cups WFB 96a
Riptide Pivot Cups WFB 96a

Riptide Pivot Cups WFB 96a

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Truck Fitment:

Truck Fitment

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Stoked Promises

Each quantity of 1 comes with 2 pivot cups. This is enough for 2 trucks.

Riptide WFB Pivot Cups are poured by hand into custom molds, which then allows each pivot cup to be fitted directly with the trucks base plate. This guarantees a perfect fit for each manufacturer's trucks because there are no machine imperfections. The pivot cups are internally lubricated allowing for an amazingly friction-less turn without any break in required. These Pivot cups perform from day 1 without any imperfections.

  • Sold as a Pair with Sticker!
  • Specifically designed for each truck
  • Lively & Responsive
  • Hand-poured into Custom-made molds, then the cup end is machined to fit the truck's base plate perfectly
  • No machining imperfections and no heat-affected zone in the super smooth pivot contact area
  • RipTide's exclusive Internally Lubricated WFB Urethane in 96a

Compatible Trucks:

RipTides make pivots precisely designed to fit your trucks. RipTide has pivot cups specifically designed for: (in alphabetical order) Aera | Arsenal | Atlas | Attack | Bear | Bolzen | Buck | Buzzed | Caliber | Carver | Crail | Don't Trip | Fyre | Gullwing | Gunmetal | Iliffe | Indy & Bennett | Kahalani | Liquid | Paris | PNL | Polar Bear | Randal | Rey | Rogue | Ronin | Seismic | Skoa | SurfRodz | Valkyrie

RipTide Pivot Cup specs, drawn to relative scale.

Pivot Cup Measurements

Pivot Type Inner Diameter Outer Diameter Depth Compatible Trucks
RipTide Ronin Tubes 9.7mm
(0.38 inches)
(0.51 inches)
(0.36 inches)
Ronin Trucks
RipTide Paris 12.8mm
(0.5 inches)
(0.72 inches)
(0.6 inches)
Paris Trucks (RKP, V1 and V2)
RipTide Caliber II 12.8mm
(0.5 inches)
(0.71 inches)
(0.64 inches)
Caliber II (RKP)
RipTide Indy / Bennett 11mm
(0.43 inches)
(0.63 inches)
(0.49 inches)
Cindrich Baseplates

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