RipTide Speed Bearing Lubricant, Dry and Wet

RipTide Speed Bearing Lubricant, Dry and Wet

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Dry or Wet - RipTide has you covered! 

RipTide has developed two new lubricants to keep your bearings rolling as fast as possible. Depending on the conditions you plan to ride in, choose either Dry or Wet. The lubricant will protect your bearings from damage most commonly associated with the riding condition. 

Details From RipTide

Developing a Bearing Lube for Skateboards has been on our agenda for a few years as we’ve never been completely satisfied with the lubes that were available.

When we got serious and started listing the qualities/performance we felt were missing, we knew we had to tap the Long Distance Specialists on our Team as our primary test crew - Andrew Andras, Kyle Yan and Harrison Tucker. The main reason for this was their ability to quickly recognize and quantify what works and what does not work to reduce bearing friction as they endure literally thousands of miles of pushing pumping & coasting, with their bodies providing the propulsion, not gravity.

In long distance training, a lubricant's efficiency becomes readily apparent and is a huge factor in maintaining speed, conserving energy, and increasing the distance traveled.

In races, the advantage can be more than enough to result in a win - which all three of our crew have proven time and time again! Additional testing was conducted in very wet conditions where the Wet Formulation has been proven to be extremely tenacious in repelling moisture.

The Downhill Specialists on our Team have also confirmed increased roll speed & reduced servicing requirements with both the Dry and Wet formulations and these tests have been conducted throughout Europe and across the USA for the last year.

As for the Science behind the formulations, we went to the best we know of when it comes to lubrication: Mobil. We quizzed their scientists, studied countless research papers and read more MSDS's than can be imagined! After extensive compounding tests, we have comprised the exact combination of components we were looking for, resulting in the two formulations - one for Wet conditions and one for Dry. They are interchangeable in that they can be used for either wet or dry weather with virtually no downside, but they excel in their specified respective environment. They both can be used in extreme conditions, hot or cold, since they have been specifically formulated with a very high viscosity index.

What this means is that temperature has very little effect on how easily the product flows - you can actually store our lube in the freezer and it will still apply with the same flow as it does at room temperature! In addition to the multiple types of oil in the blend and the ratio of each in Wet and Dry, we added a submicron dry lubricant that has a far lower Coefficient of Friction (COF) than Teflon. This allows the bearings to stay at peek efficiency longer.

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Comes in a 0.5 oz bottle of either dry or wet lubricant. 

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