Rollerbones Roller Skate and Inline Skate Bearings, 16-Pack

Rollerbones Roller Skate and Inline Skate Bearings, 16-Pack

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THE OG Roller Skate Bearings

These guys are a classic. Made in China and twice inspected for quality, the Rollerbones are a fast and precise bearing at an awesome price point. Comes in a pack of 16 bearings, enough for 8 wheels. Standard skateboard / roller skate size of 608.

The bearing size 608 measures 22mm (outer diameter) x 7mm (width) x 8mm (inner diameter/axle).

    Rollerbones Contents

    Every pack of bearings comes with 16 bearings (enough for 8 wheels). Bearing shields are non-contact rubber and easily removable.


    • Axle Size (ID): 8mm
    • ABEC Rating: Skate Rated
    • Special Features: Reds are time tested and are a favorite among all skaters.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Yes! These are some of the best bang for your buck bearings out there. Bones has been a name in bearings since nearly the inception of skate bearings. They know what's up and Rollerbones are no different.

    Maybe. The best way to check is by taking apart your existing wheels and seeing what kind of spacers/bearings you have in there now. You are going to want to match that.

    This depends on your skates, but generally you can use the axle on your skates to pry the bearing out. Just be careful not to damage the seals. These are delicate and can be damaged easily. See the video below for a guide.

    This is a pack of 16 bearings and you will need 2 bearings per wheel. Doing some quick math, this pack can be used in a total of 8 wheels.

    Rollerbones are a more affordable alternative to Bones Reds. Bones Reds come with instuctions and a sticker. Rollerbones are just the box and bearings. The quality of the two bearings is fairly comparable, however, Bones Reds is by far the best selling.

    YES! Rollerbones are designed for roller skate derby. These are great roller skate bearings for the money.

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