Mystery Box - Grab Bag of Skate and Longboard Gear

Mystery Box - Grab Bag of Skate and Longboard Gear

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Each box is a total mystery! Boxes come with goodies worth more than the amount you pay. No guarantees on what is included, but we will do our best to provide a great selection of products of all categories.

There are four types of boxes at three values. 

  • Downhill - Gear ready to get you shredding fast and taking first place. #ifyouaintfirstyourelast
  • Carve/Cruise - Gear for the casual skateboarder looking to cruise and carve. 
  • Freeride/Slide - Gear for getting sideways, technical, and of course, funky.  
  • Street - Gear for hitting parks, pools, and street. Stay thrashing, my friends. 

Roughly What You Get: 

  • $50 - Set of wheels OR trucks, bearings and/or other random goods. 
  • $100 - Set of wheels and trucks OR deck, bearings and/or other random goods. 
  • $150 - Deck and/or set of wheels and/or trucks, bearings and/or other random goods. 

Stickers and stoke definitely included with all boxes. 

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