Tracker Racetrack Skateboard Trucks (Single Truck)
Tracker Racetrack Skateboard Trucks (Single Truck)

Tracker Racetrack Skateboard Trucks (Single Truck)

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Stoked Promises

Give Your Leg Muscles a Good Pump

These things are the sheet. If you're trying to pump for miles upon miles, upon miles, upon miles, upon... you get the point... slap an RT-S on the back of your board with a Bennett or an RT-X up front and you're golden. Those are the classic, time-tested, bang for your buck LDP setups that are pretty hard to beat. The RT-S has more lean and less turn than the RT-X. Basically, the more lean you have, it will take more effort to turn. In the back truck, this is a good thing, especially for pumping. You want the energy you're putting into the board to go more to the front truck. Trust us, it makes it wayyyyyy easier with more lean in the back and more turn in the front. So stop debating on what you want for your LDP setup, Bennett or RT-X up front and RT-S in the back is exactly the setup that you're craving.

**These puppies are made by hand in the U.S.A**

Designed for: 
Long Distance Pump | Long Distance Push | Slalom


    RT-S - 106mm | 129mm | 139mm | 149mm

    • Lots of lean.
    • Less turn.
    • Ideal for rear truck.

    RT-X - 106mm | 129mm | 139mm | 149mm

    • Not a lot of lean.
    • Very turny, but should definitely be wedged for more turn in an LDP setup.
    • Ideal for front truck.

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