Venom Bushings (All Shapes and Durometers)
Venom Bushings (All Shapes and Durometers)

Venom Bushings (All Shapes and Durometers)

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Qty 1 = 1 truck. Buy qty 2 for 1 complete skateboard. 

By far the most popular and frequently used bushing in the longboard community, Venom's bushings provide a stable center point for high speed riding, without compromising any turning ability. We recommend barrels as a good all-around shape, for all types of riding.

The Silverfish Wiki recommends following the guidelines below while picking your bushings. Find your weight range and choose a bushing within the range that works for you. Choose harder (a higher duro) for less turn and softer (a lower duro) for more turn. Remember that these are general guidelines, your preference may vary depending on application.

  • 50-100lbs...... 73-80a Durometer
  • 75-125lbs...... 78-82a Durometer
  • 100-145lbs.... 80-85a Durometer
  • 125-175lbs.... 80-87a Durometer
  • 145-195lbs.... 82-90a Durometer
  • 175-220lbs.... 85-93a Durometer
  • 200-250lbs.... 90-93a Durometer
  • 225lbs+.......... 90-97a Durometer

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