Venom Harlot Longboard Wheels, 71mm/80a

Venom Harlot Longboard Wheels, 71mm/80a

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Venom's Harlot with HITP urethane brings you more slickness than their usual Harlot wheels, giving you the chance to drift more effortlessly, even at low speeds. With the ability to slide easier, the Harlot's HITP edition makes for a great choice both hills and flatground. 

On the other hand, Venom's Harlot with Cobra Core provides the perfect freeride option, straight out of the package. Complete with their signature offset shape paired with a stoneground finish makes these things ideal for sliding and getting sideways.

Technically speaking, the each of these wheels come in at 39mm Tall and 43mm Wide and are Fiberglass Reinforced. This makes them 12x stiffer than other wheels in the Venom family.

With a wear profile designed to maintain consistency throughout the lifetime of the wheel, these wheels are actually designed to widen more as they grind down in an effort to bring you a consistent and longer lasting ride with each slide. With what has been referred to as the "thaniest" wheels in Venom's arsenal, you can be sure to leave your mark with the Harlot series. 

Designed for: 

Downhill | Freeride | Undeniable Amounts of Swag


    • Diameter: 71mm
    • Width: 43mm
    • Contact Patch: 32mm
    • Durometer: 80a
    • Lip Profile: Rounded
    • Core Placement: Offset
    • Wheel Surface: Stoneground


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