Vicious Griptape Pack of 4 Squares, 10" x 11" Wide
Vicious Griptape Red for Downhill Longboard Skateboarding

Vicious Griptape Pack of 4 Squares, 10" x 11" Wide

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Vicious griptape is arguably the most grippy griptape on the market! This griptape was made with the idea of going fast in mind. This extra-coarse grip will keep your feet attached to your board, even when charging around tight corners. Vicious is made to be versatile and meant to stick to any shape/concave of a board. The adhesive of this griptape is strong enough to stack onto other types of griptape, providing you the ability to put more grip where it matters or to add some extra concave.

[Longboarding: BAYSIDE BAMBOO]


Able to Stack and Shape

Vicious griptape was made to mold to any type of concave and can be wrapped around the side of your board to provide some extra grip to hold onto when you’re grabbing your rails. Vicious griptape also has strong enough adhesive to stack onto itself for some extra concave. Vicious can also be applied on top of other existing griptape so you can have more grip where it matters. To top it all off, Vicious griptape is water-resistant!

Does the Color Affect the Grip?

Red is the least coarse of three different colors, but it is still very grippy.


  • Grit: 36 Grit
  • Width: 11”
  • 3D Concave Ready: Yes
  • Special Features: Vicious griptape is extremely coarse, flexible and can stick onto other griptape!

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