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January 2021 is here! Grab a coffee and check out your top 3 most read blogs of 2020:

3. Avoid the deadly speed wobble

Steeze LVL 9000 on these Orangatang Kegels

Ah speed wobbles. They are a bundle of fun. They can attack when you least expect it and hit you so fast that you are flying off your longboard and on the ground before you even know what hit you.

This article is designed to help you not do that. Click here to read and remember to ALWAYS wear certified protective gear

2. Why bearing spacers matter

Spinning a skateboard wheel with bearing spacers installed

Have you ever wondered why you can't tighten your truck axle nuts all the way down without making your wheels unable to spin? Ever tried to slide a board and the wheels just won't stop chattering and screeching? Has your wheel ever popped off your board while sliding?

If you answered yes to ANY of those questions, stop what you're doing immediately, clear your schedule and click here

1. 6 Tips when traveling with a skateboard

Condense your skate gear into the smallest possible space

Coming in as the top read blog on the site for 2020: our top tips to travel with your board! Although we've been locked down for going on 12 months now, we love that it's retained the number 1 spot and that y'all are staying sane preparing for the days of fully fledged commercial plane travel. Roll on the 1920's!

Missed it? Check the article here

There we have it, our top 3 blogs from the past year thanks to you

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