10 Insane Skateboard Bails

10 Insane Skateboard Bails

Even though speeding down mountains is bound to cause some deadly spills, there may be no terrain more dangerous than that of street skateboarding.

Sit back, cover your eyes if you have to, and watch some of the carnage that stairs, handrails and gaps are capable of serving up.

Here at Stoked, we’ve paid homage to some of the gnarliest longboarding slams out there once or twice before. Still, even though speeding down mountains is bound to cause some deadly spills, there may be no terrain more dangerous than that of street skateboarding. Sit back, cover your eyes if you have to, and watch some of the carnage that stairs, handrails and gaps are capable of serving up. 

10. Adrien Bulard vs. El Toro

It’s safe to say that Adrien Bulard’s recent video part landed him on the radar after an unforgettable NBD down the famed El Toro 20 stair. However, it was not before a brutal slam landed him head first down the set and into the pavement. After collecting his glasses, Bulard was able to give the set another shot, landing both the trick and the cover of Transworld Magazine

9. Nyjah Huston vs. Another Giant 

Between his fancy cars, constant partying and overall celebrity lifestyle, Nyjah Huston may be one of the easiest skaters for people to hate on. However, anyone who has watched his skating and his slamming knows that he goes the biggest and falls the hardest. We could have made a whole list just dedicated to Nyjah’s bails, this one down the La Jolla 18 Stair was extra brutal. 

8. Jaws vs. History

When you travel across the world to ollie the biggest stair set of all time, it’s going to be a mission one way or another. Unfortunately, professional carcass tosser, Aaron ‘Jaws’ Homoki, found that out the hard way in an attempt to be the first skater to land the infamous Lyon 25 Stair. In this clip, Jaws winds up tearing his MCL and having to wait over a year before finally getting redemption.

7. OJ’s Team vs. Themselves

If there was one main difference between skateboarders and longboarders besides their setups, it would be their approach to getting to the bottom of a hill. Here, we see the OJ Wheels team come close to a successful group bomb before having it all go wrong and taking the concept of sliding down a hill in different direction than we’re used to. 

6. Leticia Bufoni vs. Street League

If the female skaters of the world haven’t already done an incredible job of showing the public that they’re just as tough as the male skaters of the world, let this clip of contest killer, Leticia Bufoni, be a reminder. Though she’s usually one of the most consistent women on the course, her overshot at this Street League stop sent her straight to the ground after a failed gap to lipslide.  

5. Matt Schlager vs. Insanity

It takes an incredible amount of commitment for someone to attempt a 13 flat 13 stair. It takes boarderline insanity for someone to huck themselves down it in the rain. Luckily, the world has Matt Schlager, who is perhaps the only skater in the world who has gained more gained notoriety for falls like this one than actual makes. Cheers to you Matt. 

4. Garrett Hill vs. The Morning

No one ever said that the most insane skateboarding bails needed to take place more than a few inches off the ground… or whether or not they needed to be real. Either way, this Instagram classic from Garrett Hill epitomizes the struggle of a rough morning with a frustrating, caffeine-induced fail. 

3. Jake Brown vs. The Sky

In a blast from the past, those who watched this on live TV years ago will undoubtedly recall the fear over whether or not they had just seen the end of Jake Brown after flying away from the transition on this vert ramp and practically falling out of the sky. After smacking the ground so hard that his shoes flew off, viewers held their breath until the news eventually came that Brown survived. 

2. David Gravette vs. The Kinker

Known as a master of grinding some of the sketchiest handrails around and freaking out in the process of attempting them, David Gravette found himself in the midst of a battle when this kinker gave him a toss. Defeated, this slam turned the two day affair into a three day mission before Gravette finally pulled through. 

1. Tony Hawk vs. Number 49

As the Birdman has stated, the physical toll of continuing to skate and learn new tricks at age 50 is intense. Especially after this absolutely savage slam that came as soon as Hawk landed trick number 49 in his ’50 Tricks at Age 50’ video. Of course, in true Tony Hawk spirit, he was able to brush this one off and throw down number 50 cool as could be.

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