Seriously Impressive Longboarding Records

Seriously Impressive Longboarding Records

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Longboarding, like all sports, has achievements set by the best of the best from around the world. We’ve compiled them here so you can drop your jaw in amazement.

Keifer Dixon doing a handstand. Photography by Alex Dinuzzo

Longest Stand Up Slides

Alright, let’s set the record straight as of 11/24/14 on standup slide lengths.

Longest heelside

Rob Laing, 200 feet (61 meters). This is probably the most contested record. It began with Wolfgang Coleman’s 162 footer that stood for over a year, and was followed by Ryan Vanderveen’s 170 footer, until Liam Morgan’s 180 footer was published that SAME day. Finally, it was broken by Rob Laing out of Australia this past summer, who simultaneously broke the insane 200 foot mark.

Longest toeside

Dylan Hepworth, 125 feet (38 meters). Dylan goes over 100 feet each way, but most notably has published an individual video marking a 125 foot backside, the longest measured toeside yet, breaking Liam’s documented 100 footer from the same video as his 180 foot heelside.

Longest switch toeside

Dylan Hepworth, 110 feet (33.5 meters). And switch toeside slide shuv-it for that matter. While not many people are documenting and measuring their switch backside slide shuvs, and it should be noted that Alex Charleson has hit 100 feet switch toeside, this is the longest so far measured.

There are not really any long switch heelside videos published individually and measured out there on the interwebs so if you rip, put one up! You could be a record holder and we’d be Stoked to add you to this article!


No page of records is complete without reference to speed. It captivates the mind and amazes riders of every age.

Overall Top Speed

Mischo Erban, 80.83 mph (130.08 kph). The current speed record is held by Mischo Erban, who broke his own record reaching a speed of 80.83 in 2010, and then hit 80.74 for the Guinness World Record official verification. Check it out:

Slalom - 100 Cones

Janis Kuzmins, 19.41 seconds. If you’re just getting into skating you may know very little about the huge part slalom played in early 2000s downhill skating. No matter your familiarity with slalom skating, this video of Janis Kuzmins setting close to (20.774 seconds in this video) the world record in 100 cone slalom... It's a must watch.


Fastest Marathon

Kiefer Dixon, 1 hour 38 minutes. Dixon is currently regarded as one of, if not the best, in the game of LDP. The two time Broadway Bomb winner is also currently the marathon record holder. According to a Thane Magazine interview, he posted a time of 1 hour and 38 minutes at Adrenalina, breaking now-Pantheon owner, Jeff Vyain’s 1 hour 40 minutes from the very first Adrenalina.

See the interview here.

Fastest Mile (Mens)

Kaspar Heinrici, 2:54.90. Heinrici posted a most impressive one mile record at 2:54.90 back in 2011. This absolutely obliterating the older record of 3:35. Peep the Push Culture article here.
Update: We've been told immediately after Heinrici beat this record, "he took off his shirt and jumped in the ocean... it was 40 degrees out."

Fastest Mile (Womens)

Sidra Boyer, 3:30.00. On the same day Heinrici posted his record, Boyer also posted the insane 3:30 time. This also beat the older record of 3:35.

Furthest Distance in 24 Hours (Mens)

Rick Pronk - 313 miles (503.725 km). We're exhausting writing this record. 313 miles in 24 hours was set by Pronk at the Ultra Skate at Dutch Ultra 2017.

Furthest Distance in 24 Hours (Womens)

Saskia Tromp – 262 miles (421.648 km). Tromp also set this record at the Dutch Ultra 2017. WHEW.

Dutch Ultra Skate 2017

The Dutch Ultra Skate 2017. Photo thanks to Bas Postema.

Longest journey by skateboard

Rob Thomson, 7555.25 miles (12,159 kilometers). While he may not exactly be a household name, Thomson skated 12,159 kilometers across Europe as a part of an even longer journey. You can read his journal of his time on the skateboard here.

How does it relate to longboarding? Well believe it or not though Rob’s name once again isn’t exactly well known in the community at the moment, he did it on a longboard. It might be the most 2007 setup ever, but it’s got some timelessly rad Flywheels on it.

Rob Thomson Long Distance Skateboard

Rob Thomson's Board with Flywheels. Check out his Flickr for more photos.


Richy Carrasco, 142 spins. Spinning on steel wheels on a super smooth surface, Richy was able to reach an absolutely insane 142 consecutive 360 spins. Check out the video below for Carrasco explaining how he was able to accomplish this feat.

Quick Record Reference

Record Title Skater Record Set
Longest Heelside Rob Laing 200 feet
(61 meters)
Longest Toeside Dylan Hepworth 125 feet
(38 meters)
Longest Switch Toeside Dylan Hepworth 110 feet
(33.5 meters)
Overall Top Speed Mischo Erban 80.83 mph
(130.08 kph)
Slalom - 100 Cones Janis Kuzmins 19.41 seconds
Fastest Marathon Keifer Dixon 1 hour 38 minutes
Fastest Mile Kaspar Heinrici 2 minutes 54.90 seconds
Longest Journey Rob Thomson 7555.25 miles
(12,159 kilometers)
24 Hour Distance (Men) Rick Pronk 313 miles
(503.725 km)
24 Hour Distance (Women) Saskia Tromp 262 miles
(421.648 km)
Most Spins Richy Carrasco 142 Spins

Anything we missed? What other longboard records are out there? Let us know via our contact page!

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