10 of the Greatest Skate Roads

10 of the Greatest Skate Roads

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by Andrew Pham

From the beach to the canyons to the mountains, these courses represent the best our sport has to offer. With breath taking views, and death defying speed, we're all thinking the same thing: "maybe one day..." Give the page a minute to load there are a lot of gifs. Make sure to mouse over and click the gifs as well that took me a long time and you will appreciate it.

1. Maryhill

First is the Mecca for all longboarders. Closed to motor vehicles, you can walk up any day you'd like... It'll just take you a while. With no sliding required, most longboarders can make it to the bottom in one piece. Maryhill's unique design has lent itself to close races with riders barely inching each other out. Typically a slalom style setup has been used to take the turns accurately with maximum grip. Don't Trip Mollys are state of the art for the slalom like wedging and axle width favored here.

2. Trollstigen

The troll's path in Norway looks like it came out of a fantasy novel. The run is complete with waterfalls running down the rock face next to you. I wish I could offer you some super sweet Euro brand board for this hill but all I got are these Eurosocks... those waterfalls come from melted ice, you'll need em.

3. GMR

A favorite for motorcycle enthusiasts and longboarders, this all grip run is an active road so most of us dawn patrol. It also takes a while to do the entire run so don't skip leg day. The Moonshine Pro Tucker is modeled after the original GMR Pro Tucker, designed for this road. 

4. Cape Town Highway

Known for their night runs in South Africa, the local crew gives a uniquely urban vibe to their downhill experience. Though the map doesn't make it seem quite as interesting as the rest, downhilling through city lights is a view few of us get. I wish I could tell you that we sell light up wheels but we dont, ya kook. The crew is supported by Seismic, most of them sport the Lokton Grip.

5. Spliff Highway

The big sister of another road on our list, it's a fast one with a beautiful view of the mountains. You'll need to shave off quite a bit of speed before making the turns but the locals won't take you until you're ready anyways.

6. Tenerife

This Spanish island off the coast of Africa is a board sports paradise. There's a lot more roads to skate than this one so brush up on your Spanish and try to convince the guys over at big mountain skate to host another event!

7. The Fish

Ah, the famous one way, perfect for canyon carving and known for panoramic views of the ocean. Don't take your eyes off the road for too long, you'll need technical proficiency to make it down. Our friend Daniel is reppin Arbor; if you want to take the fish with something from their line up, pick up The Prodigy.

8. Whistler

Former home of The Whistler Longboard World Cup, this resort in Canada was built for the Winter Olympics. It just also happens to rain a lot, making for some interesting races. If you want to win a world cup, we all know the world cup race deck, the famous Landyachtz Evo.

9. Giant's Head

This ones probably cheating because it's not really about the course itself but you need to go to the freeride. You need to go to the freeride. It's not the same without someone trying to kill you with a pine cone. Too bad the ramps aren't a thing anymore. The course is alright too though. Landyachtz makes limited edition Giant's Head Freeride wheels derived from their Boss Hawgs.

10. Devil's Peak

Raw runs of this beast show riders flinging rocks into the camera. Hope you've got big wheels and even bigger ball bearings. Take a look at the events on youtube to see competitors in high speed hair pins. This event is all Venom's game.

Bonus: Kamloops and Sun Peaks

Though not quite as scenic or high speed as the rest of the things on this list, we have to mention the longboarding parks! Kamloops offers safe fun for everyone and sun peaks has a ski lift so we don't have to do all that pesky walking. Our friends at Landy have hosted events here in the past. The riders in the gif are slidin on Cloud Ride.

Let me know what I missed in the comments so I can add them!

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