5 Easiest Longboard Tricks to Learn Today


We've teamed up with pro rider Brandon DesJarlais to bring you Stoked School; a YouTube series created to help improve your skating in all capacities.

In this first installment we break down the 5 Easiest Longboard Tricks you can learn right now! Whether you're a complete beginner and you've just snagged your first longboard/cruiser/street setup, or you're looking to take your cruising game to the next level, this video gives you the full breakdown on how to perform 5 simple and quick-to-learn tricks on your skateboard today!

Stoked School is now in session. Get off your phone and up and at 'em with Episode 1: 5 Easiest Beginner Longboard Tricks

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5 Easiest Tricks breakdown:

1. Body Varial

The first trick you're gonna want to learn is the Body Varial! Easy, quick to learn and a fun introduction to your trick career

Step 1. Start off standing in a wide position

Step 2. Get your knees loosened up, ready to jump

Step 3. Jumping over. Make sure to lead with the back arm & bring through your back shoulder

Step 4. Dropping back into position on your board

A couple of tips to help perfect the Body Varial: 1. Make sure that when you jump, you jump up and stay centered (vs  leaping forward). 2. Make sure you jump and land with your back foot first - this will ensure the weight ends on that front foot giving you more control and balance

 2. Nollie Pivot

Trick number two is the Nollie Pivot. Get this on lock for the Nollie Shuvit later in the list.

Step 1. Position your front foot on the nose & back foot in the middle of the board

Step 2. Bring your shoulders and upper body back and 'wind up'

Step 3. Twist 180 degrees through the hips and upper body

Step 4. Push down on your front foot and regain balance and stick it

A few tips to help with the Nollie Pivot: Ride more on the truck as it's going to make it consistent as it allows you to put much more weight on your front foot without the board picking up too much. The aim here is to keep it as low to the ground as possible.

3. Ghostride

Trick 3 is the Ghostride. A little more complex but you've got it!

Step 1. Slide your front foot back to the middle of the board

Step 2. Take your back foot off the heel side edge & step over your front foot

Step 3. Continue that movement and step off the board, leading with your front foot

Step 4. Jump back on your board. Aim to land back foot first again to regain balance quickly

Ghostride Tip - make sure that as you step over with your back foot, you're really leaping forward and taking the weight off the board in one fluid motion


4. Nollie Shuvit

The progression to the Nollie Pivot. Start this in the same position as your would the NP

Step 1. Step on the nose & 'wind up' (as per step 1 & 2 of Nollie Pivot, above)

Step 2. Throw your shoulders over getting the momentum going putting weight on the front, BUT this time you want to put more pressure on the nose to raise the board about 45 degrees

Step 3. This time when you rotate you're going to be letting go of the board, moving your feet up and out of the way to allow it to spin 180 degrees under you

Step 4. Planting in and landing on the board in your normal riding position. This time you are not rotating with the board

Quick tip for the Nollie Shuvit. Make sure you have the Nollie Pivot on lock first and that it's a sliding pivot vs you putting all the weight onto the nose and slapping it down. The reason here is that with the Nollie Shuvit you're going through the exact same motion but letting the board go under you

5. Ghostride Kickflip

Trick 5 for today: The Ghostride Kickflip. The hardest on the list, but you want that video part, right?!

Step 1. Start out as you would the regular Ghostride, bringing your front foot back to the middle of the board

Step 2. Step through and off the board with your back foot as you did with the Ghostride, taking your two steps alongside the board

Step 3. This time when you jump back onto the board you want to focus on scooping and flicking the board upwards, allowing it to rotate under of you

Step 4. The Catch. In one fluid motion you should jump, flick the board round and land back in your original position.

A couple things that help - really make sure that back foot is super stiff and your toes are curled up. You also want to make sure that while you're doing the flips, you're not just kicking the board out in front of you, but instead your knee and foot are going straight up and making sure the board flips right under you


Read the steps, watch the video and get out and skate! Check out Brandon's site for more great guides & tips like this

PS. got something you wanna master? Drop a comment below or shoot us an email and let us know! We are working on more helpful content like this 


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