20 Best Skateparks In Europe

20 Best Skateparks In Europe

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Europe is a hotbed of skatepark development, with some of the best parks on the planet located in countries across the continent. From small DIY spots to modern concrete masterpieces, Europe has it all - and that's why we've compiled this list of 20 of the best skateparks in Europe.

1. Barcelona Skatepark, Spain

Located in the heart of Barcelona, this modern skate park features a large bowl for experienced skaters and plenty of street obstacles for all levels. The concrete construction provides a smooth surface with excellent grip, making it suitable for everything from freestyle to technical tricks. The facilities also include an outdoor café, free Wi-Fi access and lockers to store your belongings safely. It's open every day from 9am to sunset, and is one of the most popular spots in Europe for skateboarders and BMXers alike.

2. Bordeux Street Plaza, France

Recently opened in 2016, the Bordeaux Street Plaza is one of the newest but certainly not least impressive skateparks in Europe. It features a wide variety of obstacles including banks, ledges, rails and stairs for street skating. The plaza also has a large bowl for more experienced skaters to show off their skills. A snack bar, lockers and even showers are available at the park so you can stay refreshed during your session. Open from 9am to 7pm from Monday to Saturday and 10am to 6pm on Sundays.

3. Copenhagen Skatepark, Denmark

This skatepark is renowned as one of the best in Europe due to its smooth surface and varied selection of obstacle combinations. Built inside a former brewery site near downtown Copenhagen, it offers something for all levels of ability including beginners' areas with smaller ramps that are perfect for learning. The park is open from April to October, and on the weekends you can find competitions taking place here. It also boasts a café, free Wi-Fi and lockers for your convenience.

4. Krakow Skatepark, Poland

Located in central Krakow's beautiful Park Jordana, this skatepark offers an array of obstacles including banks, stairs and rails suitable for street skating. It also has plenty of space and ramps for freestyle riders to let loose with their boards. Open from 10am to 10pm every day except Sunday when it closes at 8pm, this park has become a popular spot amongst locals and visitors alike due to its impeccable surface and welcoming atmosphere. Lockers are available for secure storage.

5. Rome Skatepark, Italy

This world-class skatepark is one of the largest in Europe and has something for every skater regardless of their experience level. Whether you’re into street or freestyle skating, there are plenty of obstacles to choose from. The park also has a café with outdoor seating so you can relax after your session and enjoy the stunning views of Rome's historic cityscape. It's open every day from 10am to 7pm, and lockers are provided for safe storage of your belongings while you skate.

6. Berlin Skatepark, Germany

Located in Kreuzberg district, this enormous skate park features a variety of installations designed by local skaters. From mini ramps to a massive bowl, the park has something for every level of skater. A café, lockers and Wi-Fi access make this one of the most complete parks in Europe, and it’s open until 10pm every night except Sunday when it closes at 8pm.

7. Amsterdam Skatepark, Netherlands

This award-winning skatepark was built with input from local skaters and features plenty of obstacles for street skaters of all levels. It also boasts two bowls for more experienced riders looking to show off their tricks. The facilities include a snack bar, lockers and free Wi-Fi access, making it perfect for an afternoon session with friends. Open from 9am to 7pm daily, the Amsterdam Skatepark is one of the most visited spots in Europe.

8. Seville Street Plaza, Spain

Built in 2017, this street plaza is the perfect spot to practice and show off your skills on a variety of obstacles including banks, rails and stairs. It also has ramps for more experienced skaters so they can really let loose. The park features a snack bar with outdoor seating, lockers and Wi-Fi access, making it ideal for a day out with friends. Open daily from 10am to 8pm except on Sundays when it closes at 6pm.

9. Le Dome Skatepark, France

Le Dome is one of the largest skateparks in Europe and it is located in the south of France near Montpellier. The park has a massive 15,000 sq m area with various bowls, half pipes and street spots for all levels of skaters. It also features a foam pit and air bag to practice jumps safely. The facility offers plenty of space for events as well as having its own snack bar and changing rooms. In addition, there's an indoor pool at the back which can be used during the summer months.

10. Kobe Xtreme Wheelz Skatepark, Netherlands

This skatepark located in Utrecht was opened in 2003 by professional skaters Koen and Erik Heijman. It features both smooth and rugged terrain for all kinds of riders. The park has a variety of obstacles, such as ramps, half pipes, pyramids and boxes which can be used to practice your tricks. It also offers a foam pit so you can practice jumps safely.

11. Skatehallen Skatepark, Denmark

Skatehallen is one of the oldest skateparks in Europe having been opened in 1991. Located on Amager Island near Copenhagen, the park has an impressive 110,000 sq m of terrain which includes various bowls, street spots and vert walls. The park also features a large foam pit with an airbag for practicing jumps safely and it even hosts regular skate competitions.

12. Skateland, Portugal

Skateland is a small skatepark located in the town of Lagos on the south coast of Portugal. The park has several obstacles including ramps, boxes, rails and ledges as well as a bowl for more experienced riders. It also features an airbag for practicing jumps safely and is open all year round for both locals and visitors to come and enjoy the sport.

13. Dreamland Skatepark, Greece

Dreamland Skatepark is located near Athens in Greece and was opened by professional skater Ted Keil in 2003. The park boasts a large outdoor area with various obstacles including banks, half pipes and street spots which can be used to practice your tricks. It also has a foam pit with an airbag for practicing jumps safely. In addition, the park also offers private lessons to teach beginners about skateboarding and safety.

14. Roundhouse, London, UK

Built by industry leading skatepark designers and builders, Roundhouse is one of the most beautiful skateparks in Europe. This park has a variety of lines from beginner to expert levels with a wide selection of street elements, ledges, gaps and rails– ideal for those who want to perfect their rail-grinds and flip tricks! The surrounding area also lends itself perfectly to filming as it has great lighting conditions due to its proximity to the River Thames. There's even an indoor cafe where you can sit down and relax after a long day of skating.

15. Action Park, Malmö, Sweden

Located just outside the city center of Malmö, this outdoor park is one of the biggest in Europe and offers a variety of street elements and obstacles. Highlights include an interesting mix of pro-level ramps, big stairs sets, rails and ledges - some of which are over 10 feet tall! Beginners can also enjoy this park as there are plenty of smaller transitions to get them started. The surrounding area is full of cafes, restaurants and shops providing a great atmosphere while you take a break from your skate session.

16. La Datcha Skatepark, Barcelona, Spain

This skatepark is designed for experienced riders who want to take their skills to the next level. It's filled with plenty of challenging lines and obstacles including a huge bowl and half-pipe as well as other street-style elements. The park also has an indoor area which provides shelter from the sun or rain, making it perfect for year-round skating. There are even professional instructors on hand who can provide lessons for those wanting to learn new tricks.

17. SkateAGoGo, Berlin, Germany

Located in the heart of Berlin, this park provides a great mix of street and transition elements. The layout is very unique and there's plenty to keep experienced skaters entertained with lots of ledges, rails, steps and even a mini-ramp. Beginners can also make use of the obstacles as they gradually increase their skills. There's even an on-site cafe where you can relax after your session.

18. Skaterham Park, Surrey, UK

This park is located just outside the city of London and provides a great range of street elements for beginners to experts. Highlights include a unique combination of small quarter-pipes, ramps and rails which are perfect for tech skaters who want to up their game. The obstacles gradually increase in difficulty as you progress through the park, making it ideal for those wanting to push themselves. On-site instructors can also provide lessons if needed!

19. Streetdome Skatepark, Vienna, Austria

This skatepark offers over 10,000 square meters of street elements and ramps tailored specifically towards street skating. With a variety of different lines ranging from small transitions to big handrails, you're sure to find something to suit your style. Beginners are also welcome as there's plenty of easier obstacles for them to practice on. Plus, the surrounding area provides plenty of options for food and drinks after a long day of skating!

20. Skate Palace, Prague, Czech Republic

This park is one of the best skateparks in Europe as it features a wide selection of street elements and ramps designed by professionals. It's perfect for those looking to master their grinds and flip tricks or even just have some fun! There are also instructors available who can provide lessons if needed. The atmosphere at the park is great with plenty of cafes, shops and restaurants nearby too.

Skateboarding in Europe

Skateboarding in Europe has been growing steadily over the past decade. Over 150 cities across the continent have skateparks, and many more are being built every year. In 2020, an estimated 12 million people were active participants in European skateboarding.

In addition to recreational practice, competitive skateboarding is also popular on the continent. There are several major tournaments each year hosted by top companies such as Red Bull and Monster Energy. The biggest annual event is X Games Barcelona, which draws some of the best professional skaters from around the world.

Europe also plays a big role in setting trends for skate apparel and equipment design. Brands like Vans and Palace Skateboards have become iconic brands worldwide due to their popularity in Europe. Skateboarding culture has also had a big influence on fashion, with many mainstream designers being influenced by skate-style clothing.

One of the most impressive aspects of European skateboarding is the sheer amount of talent that can be found in any city or town. From longboarders to street skaters, park riders to vert skaters, beginners to professionals – there really is something for everyone. Despite its popularity, however, skateboarding still faces many challenges across Europe due to strict laws and regulations that limit where and when it can be practiced. For example, some cities have implemented curfew laws which restrict skating after certain times at night.

The future of skateboarding in Europe looks bright though with more initiatives such as the Skate Europe Network (SEN) being introduced to encourage collaboration and support for new skateboarding projects in different countries. SEN is a non-profit organization that helps to bridge the gap between skateboarding communities and provide resources for skill exchange, education, and advocacy. This has led to more acceptance of skateboarders in public spaces as well as increased visibility of the sport across Europe.

Overall, European skateboarding is an incredibly vibrant and diverse scene with so much potential for growth. With initiatives such as SEN helping to bring together skaters from all over the continent, there’s no doubt that we will see even bigger things from Europe's skateboarders in the years to come.

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