Famous Skateboarders [The Definitive List]

Famous Skateboarders [The Definitive List]

The most famous skateboarders in the world have made a huge impact for the sport. From TV shows to video games, they brought a once underground sport into the mainstream.

We did a deep dive, and created a definitive list of the most famous skateboarders of all time. Without further ado, let’s get into it.

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Famous Skateboarders

25 Most Famous Skateboarders

1. Tony Hawk

Need we say more? Tony Hawk not only has the highest net worth of any skateboarder, he is easily the most recognizable face in the history of the sport.

2. Chris Cole

Chris Cole is an absolute legend in the skateboard community. He is sponsored by a huge number of companies, and his innovative skating style has influenced tons of other skaters.

3. Stacy Peralta

One of the most famous Z-Boys, Stacy was one of the first to bring skateboarding out of the underground. He is also an entrepreneur, being a key figure behind many important skate endeavors.

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4. Mark Gonzales

Mark Gonzales is a legend in the skateboard world. He most notably starred in Video Days, arguably the most famous skateboarding video of all time.

5. Nyjah Huston

One of the most famous skaters of the modern era, there is hardly any contest Nyjah Huston hasn’t won. He is also the highest paid skateboarder on the planet - a pretty awesome goal to achieve.

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Famous Skateboarders

6. Shane O’Neill

Probably the most famous Australian skateboarder on the planet. O’Neill is a famous member of the SLS 9 Club - as he landed a trick that judges scored over a 9, on average, during a competition.

7. Sky Brown

Sky Brown is the youngest professional skateboarder on the planet. She also has not had a coach - instead teaching herself via YouTube.

8. Jason Lee

Famous skateboarder turned even-more-famous actor, Jason Lee arguably hit his boarding peak during Video Days. He has a natural skill for boarding, and also has a metric ton of charisma.

9. Rob Dyrdek

Rob turned skateboarding into very big business. With his show Rob & Big, he completely expanded the amount of mainstream consumers who knew about skateboarding - practically overnight.

10. Bucky Lasek

We first saw Bucky Lasek in the Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater games. But he has won gold and silver at so many X Games competitions, it’s difficult to even count them all.

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Famous Skateboarders

11. Ryan Sheckler

Ryan Sheckler is another skateboarder who became even more famous via MTV. With Life Of Ryan, he reached a whole new audience - who could then watch him become one of the best natural skateboarders in history.

12. Bam Margera

Bam Margera went from total unknown, to a celebrity - seemingly overnight. With MTV’s Jackass and Viva La Bam, he achieved international superstardom within just a few short years.

13. Tony Alva

Alva is one of the original pioneers of skateboarding. He’s even one of the founding members of the Z-Boys, cementing his legend in the skate world.

14. Jay Adams

Jay is another one of the pioneers of skateboarding, and he was even immortalized in The Lords Of Dogtown. His surf style helped to transform skateboarding at large.

15. Rodney Mullen

Rodney Mullen is another skateboarder who was immortalized in the Tony Hawk games. He also won 34 of the 35 contests he competed in - setting a world record.

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Famous Skateboarders

16. Eric Koston

Koston is the co-founder of The Berrics, and is also immortalized in the Tony Hawk video game franchise. Koston also has had Nike shoes named after him - helping personally with the design.

17. Kris Markovich

Markovich completely changed the skateboarding game. He also dominated the 1990s, before being at the head of several skate business endeavors.

18. Andrew Reynolds

Reynolds is a fantastic skateboarder, but he may be best known for his accomplishments off the board. He’s the co-founder of Baker Skateboards, and is now the sole owner.

19. Tom Penny

Penny is a fantastic skater in his own right. However, he is probably best known for creating and marketing the Penny Board - which has become absolutely gigantic, not only on social media, but in stores as well.

20. Bob Burnquist

Bob Burnquist is another skater who was immortalized via the Tony Hawk games. Burnquist also became the first in history to land the fakie 900 - and also the 5th person to ever land a 900 at all.

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Famous Skateboarders

21. Patti McGee

The very first woman’s skateboarder, Patti McGee broke down a ton of barriers. She deserves a huge amount of credit, as there were literally no female role models for her to follow, at the time.

22. Paul Rodriguez

P-Rod is a legend in the skate community. He’s won 8 different medals at the X Games, with 4 of them being gold - enough said.

23. Ed Templeton

Ed Templeton is a legendary skater. However, he is probably best known as the brains behind the Toy Machine brand - which is gigantic in the skateboarding community.

24. Chad Muska

Chad Muska may possibly be most famous for wearing a backpack in the Tony Hawk games. However, he is also a legendary street skater - whose reputation continues to live on.

25. Danny Way

One of the most infamous skaters out there, Way has twice been awarded Thrasher magazine's Skater of the Year award - but that’s almost the least impressive accomplishment on his resume. Most impressively, he jumped the Great Wall Of China - on a skateboard.

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Famous Skateboarders

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6. Casio F91W-1 Classic Watch

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8. Dickie’s Cuffed Beanie Hat

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9. Tony Hawk Pro Skater's 1+2

We love this game, it’s as simple as that. While we love the original games, the remake has even better graphics.

There are even more secrets and other fun stuff crammed into this game, so the replay value is even higher. We could not recommend this game more highly - it will provide thousands of hours of entertainment.

10. 100 Skateboard Stickers

If you want to decorate your board and room, look no further than these 100 different stickers. They’re very affordable too, and are backed by a ton of five star reviews.

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Famous Skateboarders

Other Factors To Consider

If you are a skateboarder who watches the X Games every year, you are likely already somewhat familiar with some of the best skateboarders on our list today. The best professional skateboarders of all time also all have one thing in common - they practiced like crazy.

While it may be fun to watch Jackass reruns on MTV, or play skate video games - if you want to get signed to a skateboard company, and you want to someday make it to the Olympics - you’ll need to practice. You won’t get a TV show (like Bones Brigade), do crazy stunts on the vert ramp, pull crazy street skater moves, or become a CKY or Lords Of Dogtown star - unless you practice.

If you want to know the most influential skateboarders of all time, this list is a pretty good starting point. The first skateboarder we ever saw, was Tony Hawk - and The Birdman remains incredibly popular.

Shows like Life Of Ryan have helped spark new interest in skateboard, especially now that you don’t have to live in Los Angeles or southern California, to ride at a nearby skatepark. You will need your own skateboard, however, and we don’t recommend starting on a mega ramp.

ESPN has helped popularize skateboarding, but so has Nike (with their SB line), skateboarding videos on YouTube, Red Bull (with their insane investments in all extreme sports), and even Street League Skateboarding. All of these sponsorships, skateboarding competitions, and even publications like Thrasher Magazine - have helped bring an underground sport, to the mainstream.

The skateboarding world was also transformed by a video game series - Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater. In addition, shows like Viva La Bam, and movies based on the Z-Boys, have really pushed things further.

Now there are even private skateboard parks, like The Berrics. Snowboarders have also given the nod to skateboarding, recognizing that they owe their start to the concrete-based sport.

Shows like Fantasy Factory have also helped popularize skateboarding, to the point that it’s now commonplace to find freestyle skateparks in every city. Whether you only know how to kickflip, or you’re one of the best Brazilian skateboarders in the world - you can also post all your exploits to Instagram.

In fact, skaters from as far away as Brazil have even gotten sponsorships, just by posting their videos online. Ridiculousness is another MTV show that helped bring skateboarding into the mainstream.

Famous Skateboarders

The Bottom Line On The Most Famous Skateboarders

There you have it - everything there is to know about the world’s most famous skateboarders. Whether you want to be the next Tony Hawk, or the next Ryan Sheckler, there’s something here for everyone.

If you liked this guide, be sure to check out some of our other comprehensive articles. And don’t forget to get back out there, and hop on your board. 🛹

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