The Best Snowboarding Gear (And Everything To Know About Snowboarding)

The Best Snowboarding Gear (And Everything To Know About Snowboarding)

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When it comes to winter sports, you are going to need the best snowboarding gear, if you want to hit the powder right. Of course, there are tons of options out there - but not all of them are great choices.

So we took a deep dive, aggregated millions of actual customer reviews, and arrived at these top picks. Enjoy our epic guide to the best snowboarding gear - and be sure to consult it before you make your next purchase.

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Best Snowboard Gear

What Is Snowboarding?

Much like surfing and skateboarding, snowboarding involves staying upright on a board - while doing tricks. Snowboarding adds an extra layer of difficulty, in that often you’ll be going fast and downhill, while performing many tricks.

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Why Is The Best Snowboarding Gear Important?

You’ll want to invest in the best snowboard gear, if you want to really excel at the sport. This means wearing some base layers, getting proper face masks, investing in the right outerwear, getting quality snowboard bindings, and even getting the right mittens.

Our buying guide to snowboarding gear is very comprehensive. We included freestyle equipment, but not everything is here - like t-shirts, backpacks, vests, and other smaller snowboarding equipment.

You can use plenty of stuff already in your wardrobe, to save some money, as snowsports are not really fashion shows. If you get gift cards or coupons, especially to brands like Salomon or Backcountry, you may want to get something like a Gore-Tex jacket, liners, mid layer clothing, a Patagonia jacket, ski boots, ski jackets, ski gear, snow pants, snowboard goggles, or even something from top brands (like Rossignol and The North Face).

Advanced snowboarders may want things like snowboard racks, leggings, hydration solutions, camber boards, sweaters, warmers, splitboards, or even a softshell jacket. Beginner snowboarders may not need all of this gear, of course.

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Best Snowboarding Gear

What Is A Safety Precaution?

There are a ton of safety precautions when it comes to snowboarding. A safety precaution, of course, is something to prepare you for the dangers of snowboarding, ahead of time.

For snowboarding, there are many safety precautions to take. For example, never go above your skill level.

If you’re a beginner, do not take a ride on the hardest courses. You could get seriously injured - or even die.

Falling off a cliff is no joke - nor is getting stuck in thick snow, or breaking a leg on a mountainside. You should also always wear goggles, as well as very warm, layered clothing.

It’s also important to stay hydrated, so you do not pass out on the mountain. You should also always wear a helmet, specifically designed for skiing and/or snowboarding.

The most common injuries in the snowboarding and skiing world are broken bones, and bad bruises. Wrist and arm injuries are the most likely to occur, when it comes to snowboarding.

Believe it or not, most snowboarders run into trees, as it is quite painful, and can be very dangerous. Most snowboarders will be traveling between 25 and 35 miles per hour, so hitting an obstruction can be extremely damaging.

Of the snowboarders that die on the mountain, traumatic brain injury is the most common cause of death. You should also take snowboarding lessons in the beginning, if it’s your first time on the mountain.

What Is The Purpose Of An Airbag?

While most people likely think of a car, when they hear the term ‘airbag’, snowboarders use a different type of airbag to practice tricks. You can use one to do harder jumps and tricks, ones in which you don’t feel comfortable attempting on flat land.

The airbag will catch your fall, allowing you to get progressively better with the desired trick. Snowboarding airbags will usually cost between $700 and $2,000, depending on both the quality and the size.

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Best Snowboarding Gear

What Is The Purpose Of A Snowboard Jacket?

Well one main purpose here, is to protect you from snow and/or water. You don’t want to be in the freezing cold, covered in wetness.

Not only would this risk hypothermia and frostbite, you’d be extremely uncomfortable. A snowboard jacket also protects against the wind, which is equally important.

If your snowboard jacket is completely waterproof, then that’s ideal. You will also want to look at what material the jacket is made out of.

For example, Gore-Tex is an excellent material for winter jackets. This material is resistant to practically everything, and will also keep you very warm.

We prefer snowboard jackets with many layers, as they will bet better for both warmth, as well as blocking wind. Skiing and snowboarding both require some heavy gear, so make sure you have a big budget for high quality snow-related products.

One overlooked factor when it comes to choosing a snowboarding jacket, is how breathable it is. You don’t want to be drenched in sweat, so it’s important to choose a jacket that is very easy to ride around in - and one that you feel comfortable with.

You should also look what type of warranty the jacket may have. If you can get a lifetime warranty, that is ideal.

For example, The North Face offers a lifetime warranty. This is an incredible value, especially for warm winter jackets - like a snowboarding jacket.

You will likely put the jacket through the ringer, falling, crashing, landing weird, hitting trees, clipping branches, and just generally being rough with it. We love a good warranty, and it will add incredible value to a snowboarding jacket.

What Are The Different Types Of Snowboard Bindings?

There are 3 different types, when it comes to snowboard bindings. Rear entry, two-strap, and Step On.

If you’re not an advanced snowboarder, we wouldn’t worry about bindings, just yet. Worry more about staying on your board, and safely navigating down the mountain.

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Best Snowboard Gear

What Is The Difference Between Snowboarding And Skiing?

Skiing is a little bit easier, since you’ll have poles to help you navigate down the mountain. Skiing is also a little more expensive, however.

Snowboarding, in our opinion, is a little more fun. However, the initial learning curve is definitely a little annoying, as just getting up and not falling, takes time to learn.

Overall, snowboarding is a little more affordable to start doing. However, skiing is a little easier to learn - so choose the sport that’s right for you.

What Do People Wear When They Snowboard?

You will want to wear multiple layers, when it comes time to ride down the mountain on your snowboard. Start with a balaclava, a helmet, goggles, long underwear, a snowboard jacket, mittens and/or gloves, a wool or fleece top, snowboard pants, and snowboard (or ski) socks.

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Best Snowboard Gear

What Is The Minimum Age For Snowboarding?

Most people will not recommend anyone younger than 7, for starting to snowboard. Therefore, we think the minimum age for snowboarding is 7 years old.

Of course, you can go younger than this. If you do though, we recommend being super careful.

You do not want to injure your child, or have them knock out their teeth, or something equally bad. If you do have your young child learn skateboarding earlier than 7 years old, we highly recommend having them learn from a snowboarding professional.

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Best Snowboard Gear

10 Best Pieces Of Snowboard Gear

1. Burton Moto BOA Snowboard Boots

We highly recommend these snowboard boots by Burton for their durability and being one of the most comfortable options out there. They are light weightweight and are known for keeping you comfortable from the first use.

You’ll get the perfect fit with these boots thanks to the BOA Fit System - the lace automatically recoils into the inner spool, keeping your laces clean, ensuring a snug fit and a being able to lace-up quickly by just twisting a dial. If you frequently snowboard, these boots are definitely worth the investment.

2. Kuyou 3D Padded Shorts

Kuyou has your whole body covered with these padded shorts that help absorb the shock when you fall. The padding is lightweight and breathable, so it won't get in the way of learning new moves and tricks. 

These shorts cover from the hip to just above the knee providing protection for a full range of slams and falls. They come in sizes from extra small to large, and are easy to take on and off and make adjustments. Overall these shorts are a great product for beginners and pros. 

3. OutdoorMaster Kelvin Ski Helmet

This awesome helmet is backed by thousands of five star reviews and is affordably priced. It has an excellent ventilation system - fourteen individual vents will keep you comfortable for hours of activity.

There are over 13 colors to choose from and the size adjustment dial makes it easy to find the perfect fit. We highly recommend this helmet because of the quality and durability. 

4. Burton Covert Snowboard Jacket

Burton is a premium, timeless brand and this snowboard jacket will keep you warm and dry for hours. One very cool feature is the Living Lining - the material reacts to your body heat, increasing moisture wicking when you’re hot, and retaining warmth when you’re cold.

Importantly, this jacket is made from 90% recycled material, so it’s durable and eco-friendly. The come in a variety of patterns from worn cameo to turn penny. It runs true to size, so your typcial size should fit perfectly.

5. SportsStuff Snow Ryder Hardwood Snowboard

Perfect for kids and young beginners, this entry-level snowboard features easy adjust hook and loop bindings that make it secure and easy to fit. It is also very durable due to the multiple hardwood layers that can handle the toughest impacts.

If you are just starting to learn how to snowboard, this is a great option. It’s very affordable and still high quality.

6. StoreYourBoard Minimalist Snowboard Display Rack

If you are an experienced snowboarder and have started collecting boards with different designs and qualities, then a snowboard display rack is a great tool to artfully mount your boards on a wall. This rack is sleek and easy to install.

It’s a great addition to any room in the house and will help you stay organized. It’s made of solid aluminum and can be adjusted to fit different board sizes.

7. Zionor Lagopus H1 Snowboard Helmet

We love the Dual Mode Airflow Evacuations on this helmet - you can easily close the vent holes for better windproof protection and then open them to allow better air flow and release heat. It’s also very comfortable with layers of foam that will help protect your head while also maintaining comfort.

This helmet also offers superior protection and meets all the safety standards. It comes in a variety of sleek, trendy color options making it a great choice for anyone.

8. Arctix Premium Snowboard Pants

These snowboard pants are a great basic option to add to your wardrobe. You can’t beat the low price and all your needs will be met with the waterproof exterior and articulated knees for full range of motion.

They fit well over all different types of snow boots and have an adjustable waist to ensure a snug fit so moisture will not get in. Overall, a great value for a quality snow pant that will have you riding in comfort and keep you protected from the elements.

9. Zionor X Ski Goggles

These awesome ski goggles come in a huge variety of colors. We also love the low price point, and the metric ton of stellar reviews.

We also did not have our field of view obstructed at all, which we loved. If you need a few great pairs of ski goggles, grab these.

10. System MTN Men's Snowboard Package

This awesome snowboard package has everything you need, and it’s also very affordable. The System APX bindings are stellar, and will make your rides easy.

While you may want to spend a little more and get something more advanced, if you’re an expert snowboarder - for beginners, this is the perfect package. You get a board, bindings, and a great way to get started - plus this package is backed by a ton of five star reviews, so you can buy with confidence.

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Best Snowboard Gear

The Bottom Line On The Best Snowboarding Gear

There you have it - all the information about the best snowboarding gear on the market today. Whether you want nice bindings, a great ski jacket, goggles, or something else entirely - we’ve got you covered.

Before you hit the powder next, we hope you consult our guide. And if you liked this article, be sure to check out some of our other buying guides.

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