Skateboard Parts [A Complete + Epic Guide]

Skateboard Parts [A Complete + Epic Guide]

When it comes to skateboard parts, there are basically three parts that matter. The wheels, the trucks, and the deck.

But if you’re a completist, there are actually 12 different parts that matter. Just like a car, each of these parts needs to be finely adjusted and always working - at least if you want a smooth ride.

We took a deep look at skateboard parts, and came up with this very comprehensive guide. So without further ado, here is everything you need to know about skateboard parts.

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Skateboard Parts

10 Best Skateboards To Start With

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    # 1

    Stoked Complete Board
  • Why it's rad: We love our own board - of course we may be a bit biased.
  • Buy at Amazon
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    # 2

    Santa Cruz Screaming Hand Board
  • Why it's rad: We love the classic design, and the board itself rides great.
  • Buy at Amazon
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    # 3

    Magneto SUV Skateboard
  • Why it's rad: Very affordable, easy to ride, very durable.
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1. Stoked Complete Skateboard

We may be a little bit biased to our own products, but this beginner skateboard is perfect for anyone to start out with. It comes complete, so you you can get skating right out of the box.

It also comes with a skate tool, stickers, and wax. It also has great reviews, so you can buy with confidence.

2. Santa Cruz Screaming Hand Complete Skateboard

Santa Cruz is one of our favorite brands. They’ve made high quality skateboard gear for decades, and always deliver.

This board also has great graphics, which will definitely turn heads at the skatepark. While you can certainly spend more, this is a perfect (and affordable) board for any beginner.

3. Magneto SUV Skateboard

This is another great beginner skateboard. While you can definitely spend more - why would you want to?

While experts may not want a board this basic, it’s ideal for newbies to the skate world. It’s also backed by a ton of great reviews, so you can feel confident making a purchase.

4. Roller Derby Street Surf Skateboard

This awesome, old school looking board is great for any and all beginners to skateboarding. While you could make improvements, like better grip tape, different skateboard wheels, or improved skateboard bearings - it’s perfect for any newbie.

We loved how this board felt when we navigated it on the road, as well. It’s also backed by a ton of stellar reviews, so you don’t have to worry about any quality issues.

5. Enjoi Complete Skateboard

With great graphic choices, and tons of five star reviews, this is a another great pick. Skateboard decks can sometimes be boring, but the choices here are stellar.

If you get past the point of being a beginner, you may want to upgrade this board with better skateboard trucks, or other skateboard hardware. However, beginner skaters will love this board, and a skate shop will be able to upgrade the board as you improve your skills.

6. Powell Peralta Vallely Elephant Complete Skateboard

This awesome board is complete and 100% ready to go. It also has great graphics, plus it has superb handling.

It also comes in at a very low price point, which makes it accessible for anyone. Highly recommended, and another great choice for beginners.

7. FLOW Surf Skates Surf Skateboard

This sick board not only looks rad, it handles flawlessly. We can’t recommend this one enough, and it’s also backed by a tremendous amount of positive reviews.

While experts may want something more advanced, this is a great choice for beginners. You could use a skateboard tool and upgrade some of the skate parts, but for beginners, this is a perfect choice.

8. Element Hatched Complete Skateboard

This awesome skateboard looks great, and rides even better. You may want to upgrade things like the bushings, the kingpin, the axle nuts, or the washers - but these won’t matter to newbies.

You could also improve things by getting better skateboard grip tape, or getting Spitfire wheels. However, most beginners won’t mind this board at all, and it’s a great one to learn on.

9. Braille Skateboarding Complete Standard Skateboard

This awesome minimalist board not only looks awesome, it rides extremely well. You could always improve it by changing the skateboard risers, trying some new shock pads, or using sandpaper on the grip tape - but these are steps for more advanced riders, not beginners.

If you got skate gift cards for Christmas, using them on something like this - would be a stellar way to go. While you probably won’t want to take this board on the vert ramp, it’s a great choice for beginners everywhere.

10. Hoten Complete Skateboard

This awesome board has a great design. You definitely won’t feel like you’re riding a scooter on this board, and you won’t feel like you’re riding on longboard wheels either.

If you get to Amazon and checkout with this in your basket - you’re about to embark on a very fun adventure. You can always replace the riser pads, change the spacers, or replace the wheels with something from Ricta - but for newbies, this is a very solid board to learn on.

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What Are The Basic Skateboard Parts?

The deck is the most familiar part of a skateboard. It’s what you stand on, and what you kick to pop an ollie.

Next, is the grip tape, the sandpaper-like tape on top of the deck. This helps you grip the board with your feet, so you can pull of tricks and ollies easier.

After this, come the bolts. They hold everything together, the wheels, the trucks, the deck, etc.

The trucks are the next piece of a skateboard, which help the board move and steer. The trucks actually consist of multiple parts - the axles, the bushings, the hanger, the kingpin, and the baseplate.

The bushings are an overlooked part of a skateboard, that actually make a huge difference. They are tiny rubber cups, which allow you to turn your skateboard.

After this, the axle, risers, washers, bearings, and wheels comprise the rest of the skateboard parts that matter most. While not the most exciting information, this will help you understand the rest of our guide.

    How Many Layers Should A Skateboard Have?

    There are usually 7 or 9 layers to a skateboard. In terms of material, boards are usually made out of maple.

    However, newer boards are sometimes made from carbon fiber or bamboo. The more expensive the deck material, the more expensive the overall board will be.

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    Skateboard Parts

    What Skateboard Parts Do I Need?

    If you want to put together your own skateboard, you will need a variety of different skateboard parts. The following list will list everything you need, and give you more than enough to put together your own board.

    You’ll need 8 bearings, 4 bearing spacers, a skateboard deck, a skate tool, 2 trucks, 4 wheels, grip tape, 1 razor blade, and 1 skateboard hardware kit. Using these all together, you’ll be able to put together a fantastic board.

    What Are The 5 Parts Of A Skateboard?

    5 parts of a skateboard are vital. The deck, trucks, wheels, grip tape, and bearings are all crucial for a board to function properly.

    What Are The Parts Of Skateboard Trucks?

    There are a number of different parts to skateboard trucks. There is usually a hanger, a base plate, a kingpin (and nut), washers, axles, and bushings.

    What Is The Most Reliable Skateboard Brand?

    We don’t think that there is one brand that is best, for skateboards. Rather, we think that there are many different brands that are very reliable, when it comes to skateboarding.

    Any of the picks on our list here will be very reliable, when it comes to choosing a good quality skateboard. Don’t go with a super cheap option from Amazon - they will almost always be of poor quality.

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    Skateboard Parts

    What Boards Do Pro Skaters Use?

    Almost all skateboarders will utilize just one size board. Even though it may not be best for everyone, almost all pro boarders use a size of 8'5”.

    There isn’t any particular brand of board that will be best for skateboarders, either. Rather, pro boarders utilize a wide variety of brands for skating.

    What Skateboard Did Tony Hawk Use?

    Tony Hawk used a Powell Peralta skateboard in the 1980s. On this board, was a Birdhouse graphic, as well.

    Do Pros Use Bearing Spacers?

    Casual riders and longboarders likely won’t need bearing spacers. However, professional skateboarders will put lots of pressure on their board, which means it’s usually a good idea to use bearing spacers.

    Do Professional Skateboarders Use Risers?

    This is a tricky one. The answer depends on the skateboarder you ask.

    Some skateboarders will use risers, but not all of them will. If you want to limit vibrations and shock to your board, risers will be a good choice for your board.

    What Size Board Is Nyjah Huston?

    Nyjah Huston usually uses a board that is 8.125” in size. This is due to his ability to ride big rails with this size board, but also because it’s very light.

    Are Speed Rings Necessary?

    Speed rings definitely help with riding. They make the bearing function better, and are the key contact point between the hanger and bearings of the skateboard you’re riding.

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    Skateboard Gear

    What Is The ABEC Scale?

    The ABEC scale is a way to describe ball bearings, and their overall quality level. There are 5 classes - 1, 3, 5, 7, and 9.

    This system was developed by the Annular Bearing Engineering Committee (ABEC), of the American Bearing Manufacturers Association (ABMA). The scale is important for a variety of different reasons.

    One important role is plays, is helping consumers decide what level is best for them. They can quickly tell what bearing may be best for them, without knowing a lot of detailed information.

    When it comes to skateboards, lower graded bearings are popular. This is because higher rated bearings are only really used for very precise activities and in specific professions.

    For example, surgical equipment, or aircraft instruments, will require higher rated bearings. For your board, a lower rated bearing will be just fine.

    The ABEC scale is also important for manufacturers, because it provides specifications, so they can produce bearings that will fall into a specified class. These manufacturers will also need to know the dimensions for a bearing, and what it may actually need to be used for.

    However, it’s important to note that the ABEC scale does not rate several important things. For example, ball precision, degree of raceway polish, noise, lubricant, vibration, load handling, and Rockwell hardness are not factored in.

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    Skateboard Parts

    What Is The Stuff On Top Of A Skateboard Called?

    The part of the board that you stand on, is called a skateboard deck. However, on top of this, will be grip tape.

    The deck is a good platform to ride on. The grip tape, however, will provide a nice stickiness for any tricks you want to pull off.

    What Are The 4 Parts Of A Skateboard?

    There are 4 main parts of a skateboard. Typically, these are: trucks, bearings, a deck, and wheels.

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    Skateboard Parts

    What Do You Call Skateboard Parts?

    The main parts of a skateboard are crucial to its functioning. The wheels, the deck, and the trucks are the main parts you’d usually list.

    What Is The Most Important Part Of A Skateboard?

    While it’s debatable, we think there is only one part of a skateboard that is most important. We would argue that the trucks are the most crucial part of a skateboard, since they tie everything together, and have the biggest impact on the turning and handling of the board.

    Skateboard Parts

    The Bottom Line On Skateboard Parts

    You may have been surprised to learn that there are a lot of skateboard parts - and things like a durometer can actually be very useful. A skateboard is not like a pair of roller skates - they are finely tuned little vehicles.

    For example, you won’t want to put longboard trucks on a popsicle board. If you want to improve your setup, you could go with Bones Reds bearings, or similar high quality products.

    But if you’re just starting out, you won’t need to worry about ABEC ratings, or anything of the sort. You just need a high quality board that you can learn on.

    We hope you found this guide useful - we had a lot of fun doing the research, and putting it together. If you liked this one, be sure to check out some of our other articles.

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